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It is hard to overestimate the real effectual value of facial masks represented an extra optional enhancement step in any skin-care treatment that contributes to achieving significant visible results. «Magiray» broad assortment offers a universal set of facial masks «Seven notes» each of them can be used either singly or in various combinations for creating a large number of new formulations and effects the same way as seven universally known music notes give birth to thousands of manifold melodies. Jelly masks also fit well in combinative conception and so are widely used in device-based cosmetology. Facial masks are ideal preparations for completing the procedure of layerwise hydration, nourishment and restoration of skin hydrolipid barrier that is «Magiray» self-designed proprietary treatment technique.

The range of masks is fully complemented by the following creams: TCC, Plantain Gel and cosmetic purees «C», «A», «Treat» and «Fin».

Skin Care
Masks and gels


SeboFin mask

Description: tender soft cream-gel mask for sensitive skin with the signs of seborrhea. Perfectly reduces irritation, softens and calms the inflamed skin. Intensively hydrates the skin and prevents surface moisture evaporation after mechanical or chemical peelings. Provides the removal of seborrheic scales and skin itching. Can be also used as anti dandruff scalp finishing cream.

Directions: apply in a thick even layer for 15-20min. Can be used at various stages of cosmetic care. No need to wash off. Can be combined with AstriFn mask or PuriFin mask. Suitable for eye contour area.

Active components: aloe juice, mallow, honeysuckle, chamomile and algae dunaliella extracts; sea buckthorn oil, salicylic acid, vit. E, allantoin, zinc oxide.



LiftoFin mask

Description: intensively hydrates and smoothes the skin. High percentage of hyaluronic acid and NMF components provides intensive skin hydration, restoration of hydro lipid barrier and skin cell structure. It also contains an amino acid hydroxyproline - essential building material for synthesis of collagen – a structural skin component responsible for its smoothness and elasticity. Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) is known to reduce yellowness of aging skin. The mask is also used for skin rehabilitation after plastic surgery and deep peelings. Ideal for eye contour care.

Directions: apply evenly for 15-20min. Can be used for layerwise massage. No need to rinse. Blue Eye Cool Mask is recommended for the eyelid area. Goes well with Argalane cream-mask for simultaneous deep skin hydration and nourishment.

Active components: hyaluronic acid, panthenol, hydroxyproline, NMF components (including amino acid glycine), ginkgo leaf extract, vit. A and E, vit. B3 (niacinamide), jojoba and wheat germ oils.



CalmiFin mask

Description: the calming mask is ideal for sensitive skin of all types. Promotes removing metabolic waste from tissues, removes puffiness, strengthens capillary walls, improves the skin tone, calms irritated and inflamed skin. Ideal for eyelids care.

Directions: apply evenly for 15-20min. on your face, including eyelid area. For intensifying its action use Blue Eye Cool Mask. Can be used for layerwise massage in combination with PuriFin mask and Tender Gel for oily couperose skin and with LiftoFin mask for dry, sensitive and fading skin.

Active components: chamomile, butcher’s broom and mallow extracts; wheat germ, seabuckthorn, soya and safflower oils; triglycerides, linoleic acid, allantoin, vit. E and A.


ArgaLan cream-mask

Description: cream-mask exceptionally rich in unsaturated fatty acids for care of tired, dry and mature skin. Exotic argania oil together with NMF components provide deep skin nourishing and restore its barrier functions. Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) is known to reduce yellowness of aging skin and speed up skin renewal. The mask hydrates the skin and activates regenerative process. Ensure full absorption leaving the
skin supple and elastic.

Directions: used singly both as mask and as massage preparation for dry, fading and dehydrated skin and also in combination with other facial masks. Good for layerwise massage.

Active components: argania and seabuckthorn oils, algae and lithospermum (shikonin) extracts, vit. B3 (niacinamide), vegetable squalane, salicylic acid.


PuriFin fluid-mask

Description: exclusive fat and oil free product developed especially for oily problem skin. Possesses sebo-regulating action, inhibits growth of bacterial flora and restores skin hydro-lipid barrier destroyed as a result of using alcohol solutions and surfactants. Encapsulated coenzyme Q10 penetrates into the skin, effectively protecting it from environmental hazards. Possesses antiseptic and healing effect.

Directions: apply in a thick even layer massaging gently to unlock microcapsules, leave it on for 15-20 min and then rinse with water. The mask is used at different stages of skin care, depending on the type of program. Ideally go with CalmiFin mask to provide healing and calming effect. When used for layerwise massage rinsing is not necessary.

Active components: Seppicontrol® complex, aloe juice, incapsulated coenzyme Q10, knotweed extract, vit. B3 (Niacinamide), NMF components, allantoin, vit. E.


LightoFin mask

Description: tender airy mask with extracts of 7 Alpine plants and alpha-arbutin for intensive skin lightening, cleansing and renewing (the components were tested in vivo and proved their lightening effect). Rich complex of active ingredients provides stable and even complexion and skin texture.

Directions: used in care programs for problem skin to remove post acne marks and in other treatments for all skin types, including mature skin with uneven pigmentation.

Active components: alpha-arbutin, larch, mallow, yarrow, balm mint, peppermint, butterweed and speedwell extracts, galactoarabinan, BHA, seaweed, vit. E and C, salicylic acid, titanium dioxide.


AstriFin mask

Description: possesses antiseptic, astringent, calming and resolving action. Due to the combination of natural clays, Dead Sea mud and carrageenan (natural antibiotic) the mask effectively cleanses the skin, absorbs toxins and excessive skin oil, reduces inflammation and restrains pathogen growth. Complex of herbal extracts calms irritated skin, speeds up healing process and sebo-regulating activity.

Directions: can be used in all cosmetic care programs for oily problem skin. Apply evenly for 15-20min. after deep skin cleansing or at the final stage of cosmetic procedure. Can be combined with SeboFin mask to treat seborrheic skin, with Plantain Lifting Gel to intensify healing processes and with PuriFin mask to provide sebo-regulating effect.

Active components: aloe juice, Dead Sea mud, kaolin, bentonite, carrageenan and green tea, knotweed and witch hazel extracts, camphor, zinc oxide.



Sambucus mask

Description: anti-inflammatory healing mask for oily problem skin prone to acne and seborrhea. Soothes irritated skin, improves facial microcirculation, absorbs the excess oiliness and reduces sebum secretion. Contains natural bactericidal components – extracts of elder, myrrh, witch hazel, sage and thyme oils. Being a natural antibiotic elder extract (Sambucus Nigra) does not disturb normal skin microflora and does not cause any habituation unlike pharmacological antibiotics.

Directions: can be used in all care programs for oily problem skin as a mask or as a local anti-inflammatory agent after skin cleansing procedures.

Active components: aloe juice, witch hazel, sambucus, knotweed, myrrh and green tea extracts; kaolin, essential sage and thyme oils, corn starch.


AlgActive gel

Description: active tender light-textured gel with high concentration of medicinal plants. Free of fats and oils. Possesses hydrating, calming and healing effects.

Directions: for applications – soak an unwoven tissue (Mag Mask, Mag ribbon or Mag pill) in the gel and apply it to the wanted skin areas, covering it with a plastic film for 20-30min. Then remove the Mag Mask and remove with napkin the rest of gel. For increasing the efficiency add to the gel Seaweed Instant powder or AlgoMask in the ratio of 4:1.

Active components: aloe juice, carrageenan and cucumber extracts.


Tender gel mask

Description: multifunctional hypoallergenic product based on the natural herbal extracts. Provides prompt and effective moisturizing for dehydrated skin of any type, eliminates irritation and redness at once repairing damaged skin. Delicately exfoliates dead cells, reduces post acne and after burn inflammation. Can be used for treating couperose, seborrheic and extremely sensitive skin.

Directions: serves as gentle bio-peeling for very sensitive skin and for skin rehabilitation after all kinds of peeling and burns. To enhance its effect apply Mag-polymask or Mag-stripes over the mask. Goes well with facial masks and nourishing preparations for increasing the skin moisture level.

Active components: aloe (juice, extract), honeysuckle extract, geranium oil, allantoin, salicylic acid.


Malvani gel

Description: active anionic gel, free of fats and oils, saturated with healing herbal extracts for stimulating metabolic process and regenerating damaged skin cells. Contains hydrophilic elements to retain the epidermal moisture. Ideal for device-based cosmetic care.

Directions: negatively charged preparation can be effectively used in device-based cosmetic procedures utilizing electric appliances. Suited for the first layers of layerwise massage of fading mature skin. Goes well with facial masks and nourishing preparations for increasing the skin moisture level.

Active components: aloe juice, mallow extract, wheat proteins, salicylic and lactic acids, allantoin, glucose, fructose, serine, proline.



Herbs powder

Description: natural antiseptic powder based on carrageenan, a natural antibacterial agent, effectively removes inflammations, inhibits pathogen growth, absorbs the excess oiliness and reduces the sebum secretion.

Directions: Can be used:
1. as a base for dry massage
2. for preparing a fresh mask in combination with the following products: Sambucus mask, Plantain Lifting gel and AstriFin mask
3. as an antiseptic powder at the final stage of anti-inflammatory cosmetic procedures
4. as a base for therapy using D’arconval apparatus.

Active components: extracted carrageenan powder, rice starch, sulphur, calamine, talc, zinc oxide.



Seaweed instant powder

Description: powder mixture containing several types of seaweeds is an active additive to various cosmetic substances (water, oil, creams, masks and so on). Their interaction provides activation of algal micro-and macro-elements resulting in more efficient use of other products and in widening of range and variety of cosmetic face and body procedures. Seaweeds contain high amounts of iodine, chlorophyll, sodium salts, potassium, ammonium, a broad spectrum of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, K, biotin –vitamin H, pantothenic, folic and other acids. The use of seaweed powder gives the opportunity for individual approach to cosmetic care in beauty salons and SPA.

broad-spectrum product for face and body care: 1. Massage 2. Masks and applications 3. Wrapping 4. Peeling 5. Bath treatments.

Active components: laminaria, red algae, spirulina, minerals and white clay.


AlgActive powder collection | Algo-masks

Active plastifying masks are the must-have cosmetic products for increasing skin-care efficiency. The formulations are based on natural powder seaweed complex, rich in minerals, microelements and vitamins, combined with a range of healing herbal extracts for providing instant and impressive treatment results: the masks smooth and hydrate the skin, stimulate intracellular metabolism, reduce puffiness and help to restore facial contour. Can be used singly or applied over other target preparations for increasing their activity.

Purifying peel-off mask | Cleansing Algomask with seaweed, ivy, sunflower extracts and phytic acid. Neutralizes toxins and free radicals. Cleanses, hydrates and smoothes facial and body skin.
Nutrient peel-off mask | Nourishing Algomask with argania extract, volcanic clay and geranium, clove, palmarose and black pepper essential oils. Improves blood circulation, skin tone and elasticity thus restoring its fresh and youthful appearance.
Modeling peel-off mask | Modeling Alginate mask with algae, horsetail and guarana extracts and rosemary essential oil. Possesses lifting effect, improves skin elasticity and tone at once diminishing puffiness and visible signs of cellulitis.

Directions: intensively mix one part of powder with three parts of water until smooth (for nourishing mask it is recommended to use shaker). Quickly but evenly apply the blend to a certain skin area using spatula and compress the mask along the face contour. Leave on for 15-20 min. and then take it off in one piece – to make it easier lay a gauze mask over the contour prior to application. Wipe the face with proper toner. Mix the mask with AlgoGel for getting unsolidified formula, handy and economical in use, good for wrapping and applications on breast, décolleté and hip areas.



MAGNOLIA paramask 
warming peel off   
with Dragon, Magnolia, Orchids & Lavender oils

Description: Warming and resolving paraffin mask is recommended for both pre cleanse stage and completion phase of cosmetic procedure.

Directions: warm the mask to 40ºC and apply 2-3 layers of molten paraffin with a fan brush (on delicate skin – over a piece of gauze), leave on for 10-15 minutes and take it off in one piece. To enhance efficiency and convenience, after applying the mask cover the treated zone with polyethylene film.

Active components: pure medical paraffin, shea (butyrospermum parkii) butter, magnolia grandiflora extract, croton lechleri resin extract, argania (argan) spinosa kernel oil, orchid (orchis mascula) essencial oil, lavender (lavandula officinalis) essential oil, tocopheryl acetate.


DETOX plant mask 
facial care for all skin types

Description: DETOX MASK rich in medicinal plant extracts removes irritation, eliminates toxins, intensively soothes the skin and improves its natural protective functions. Suitable for all skin types, including oily and congested skin. Leaves skin refreshed and moisturized.

Directions: take mask out the bag and apply it on the face, spreading overflow gel across the tissue. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes before removing, then gently massage the remaining gel until completely absorbed. Rinsing is not necessary.

Active components: seabuckthorn and wheat germ oils; extracts of burdock, ginger, marigold, acai; aloe concentrate; essential oils of orange, bergamot, rosewood; proteins and peptides (keratin, collagen, glucosamine).


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