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Hexa cream wrinkle away care

Description: the cream for intensive care of mature skin. Contains concentrated (15%) acetyl-hexapeptide-3, which is often called «botox without injections». The product reduces habitual tension of subcutaneous muscles thus smoothing out «smile and frown» lines. Hexa Cream acts more gently and without side effects. The Cream is especially effective for correction of wrinkles in eye, mouth and forehead areas. Rejuvenating effect of the cream is intensified by other anti-aging, nourishing and moisturizing elements.

Directions: for achieving the desired effect it is necessary to ensure penetration of active substances through the skin horny layer. Therefore it is recommended to use the cream after delicate superficial peelings, for instance, after applying GlycoCare and/or Active Alpha Exfoliator, which increase the skin permeability for active substances.

Active components: acetyl-hexapeptide-3, shea butter, alpha-lipoic acid, extracts of camellia, algae, tomatoes and aloe, Dead Sea salts, vit.E, allantoin. 



 Deco cream wrinkle corrector

Description: advanced multipeptide formula for preventing premature skin fading, reducing wrinkles and restoring hydro-lipid skin barrier contains natural molecular bioregulators enhanced by renewing complex based on herbal extracts, seaweeds, natural antioxidants and Dead Sea minerals. The cream increases synthesis of collagen and other derma components, stimulates skin renewal and provides scar smoothing at once protecting the skin from damaging UV-radiation and dehydration.

Directions: the cream is used both singly after thorough skin cleansing and in combination with other cosmetic procedures. The optimal combination way of application: First apply Hexa cream locally to mimic wrinkles area and then – Deco cream, followed by Deco drops all over the face.

Active components: multipeptide mix (decorinyl, coppercontaining peptide, soya and wheat proteins), pseudoaltheromonas ferment extract, lecithine, extracts of pomegranate, Japanese camellia, tomato, algae and aloe; shea butter, allantoin, alpha-lipoic acid, retinol, Dead Sea salts. 


 (T.C.C. (Triple Clarifying Complex

Description: a unique multifunctional renewal complex for intensive hydrating, replenishing and lightening of all skin types. Besides gentle undamaging lightening action this composition also produces bactericidal, regenerating, antioxidant and softening effects. As a result of T.C.C. long-term use the skin looks refreshed, well-groomed and youthful.

Directions: the preparation can be used in three alternative ways: cream, mask or gommage. It goes well with other products, intensifying their effect. When used before deep cleansing TCC softens the skin and eases extraction of hard-to-reach comedones. Applied as cream it targets fading tired and oily inflamed skin with uneven pigmentation. It is also recommended for preparing the skin to plastic surgery. As mask or gommage it is used for preventing and healing postoperative scars and post-acne treatment. It can also be used for massage in case of dry fading skin with hyperpigmentation.

Active components: extracts of green tea, knotweed, bearberry, hydrocotyle, witch hazel, licorice, mulberry and laminaria, babassu and jojoba oils, kojic acid, vit. A, C and E, AHA acids, NMF components.



Extra Light Finishing cream

Description: tender balancing moisturizer for all skin types especially for delicate problem skin, prone to redness and irritation. This light greaseless airy cream is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it smooth, matt and fresh. Free of mineral oils & parabens.

Directions: apply a thin layer to the cleansed skin.

Active components: aloe juice, extracts of honeysuckle and gotu cola, lipacide®, tocopherol, lavender & geranium essential oils, aminoacids, allantoin, squalene, vitamin E.


Extra Rich Finishing cream

Description: rich cream with pronounced revitalizing effect for dry, slack and normal mature skin. Due to its unique rich composition the cream effectively combats visible signs of skin fading, quickly restores the skin moisture and elasticity, smoothes and lessens the skin roughness, removes the signs of tiredness, significantly improves the skin barrier functions.

Directions: used at the final stage of the procedure and also goes well with other products for increasing their nutritional value.

Active components: Ein Gedi water, tripeptide GHK-Cu, nanolipids, aminoacid complex (serine, glycine, glutamic acid, alanine, lysine, arginine, threonine, proline), lipoamino acid, shea butter, olive and black currant oils, NMF components, extracts of wheat, alfalfa and broccoli germs,hyaluronic acid, panthenol, tocopheryl acetate, retinyl palmitate, Dead Sea salts.



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