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Development and design of this group of products is based on the latest scientific studies of skin behavioral mechanism resulting from stress-related factors, inflammatory disorders and normal aging process. All the formulas contain unique renewing complexes for restoring hydro-lipid barrier of all skin types: NMF components, peptides and amino acids, nano-lipids, natural oils, antioxidants, gentle whitening additives and a wide range of targeted-action anti-aging and restoring plant extracts.

This assortment can be complemented with the following cream-masks: SeboFin, Argalane, LiftoFin and cosmetic purees «С», «А» and «Fin».

Skin Care

H.A. FILLERS Multilevel care
A unique collection of highly concentrated non-injectable filler-serums has the common basic formula based on hyaluronic acid of different molecular weight – from nano-size 50KD up to 1000KD, amino acid complex (serine, glycine, glutamic acid, alanine, lysine, arginine, threonine, proline) and combination of sprout extracts rich in stem cells and phytoestrogens. This formulation provides not only full multi-level skin hydration and lifting but also stimulates the regeneration process.

Lifting, revitalization and lightening are the mains trends of age-specific skin care.



H.A.FILLERS collection is designed as a set of three-type filler ampules. Due to the presence of targeted-action additional ingredients each filler-serum fulfills its own function in one of the three key anti-aging treatments.



H.A. FILLER – COLLAGEN+ | Non-injectable filler with targeted lifting effect

Description: quickly restores resilience and elasticity of dull, dry and fading skin. Easily absorbed serum reduces wrinkle depth, removes skin dryness and roughness leaving it fresh, smooth and young looking.

Active components: base formula on Ein Gedi water + tripeptide collagen, hydrolyzed elastin, wheat germ extract, NMF components, vit.A and E.



Non-injectable filler with targeted revitalizing action

Description: instantly improves skin tone, stimulates its metabolism, reduces wrinkle depth, quickly revives and restores dull and tired skin leaving it smooth, elastic and radiant.

Active components: base formula on Ein Gedi water + alfalfa germ extracts, hydrolyzed elastin, sphingolipids, vit.C in liposomes, vit. B5, B3, A and E, magnesium, copper, zinc and calcium salts, lactic acid and other NMF components.



H.A. FILLER – ARBUTIN+ | Non-injectable filler with targeted lightening action

Description: a powerful skin lightening complex improves, freshens and evens dull complexion. Prevents hyper pigmentation caused by peelings and mechanical skin cleansing. Possesses anti-inflammatory effect and provides quick recovery of skin elasticity.

Active components: base formula on Ein Gedi water + deoxyarbutin, extracts of yarrow, lady’s mantle, mallow, balm mint, primrose and speedwell, watercress germ, panthenol, ascorbic acid in liposomes, vit. A and E, niacinamide. 



Hexa drops age defying serum

Description: tender high concentrated serum supplies the skin with all necessary elements, restores water balance, smoothes wrinkles, reduces puffiness and dark circles in eye contour area, improves complexion. Contains a rich complex of unique plant extracts, NMF components, synergistic combination of bio-peptides, considerably increasing the skin elasticity. The serum also contains an ingredient, relaxing «smile and frown» lines and diminishing their depth.

Directions: the product is ideal when used under any cream and mask. Considerably increases anti-mimic activity of Hexa cream, complementing its smoothing effect. Goes well with CLC products. Apply to the cleansed skin. Also effective when used in instrumental cosmetics.

Active components: Ein Gedi water, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl tetrapeptide7, gamma-aminobutyric acid, honey, extracts of ginseng, shiitake mushroom, hydrocotyle, purslane and gromwell, sea collagen and elastin, hydroxysuccinimide, chryzin, hyaluronic acid, vit.E, Dead Sea salts.


Deco drops skin firming care

Description: active serum for thin, tired and fading skin. Possesses stimulating and moisturizing effect, contributes to skin renewal increasing its resilience and improving complexion. Marine-origin components supply the skin with essential micronutrients, including copper and magnesium. Caviar extract is rich in bio-active substances required for preventing skin fading. The serum goes perfectly well with Deco cream and also enhances efficiency of other anti-aging products and procedures.

Directions: apply directly to the cleansed skin or over Deco cream. More effective when used after peelings. Recommended for use in device-based cosmetology.

Active components: extracts of caviar, seaweed and acai berries, marine collagen, magnesium salts, resveratrol, Dead Sea salts, hyaluronic acid, vit.E. 



Plantain Lifting gel

Description: invigorating serum-gel saturated with herbal extracts possesses lifting, healing and anti-inflammatory effect instantly relieves irritation, hydrates and tones up the skin, prepares it for the interaction with next following products, increasing their effect and providing better uptake of active components. This universal product goes well together with other products of the series.

Directions: recommended as a soothing and healing preparation at any stage of cosmetic procedure as well as a conductive serum before applying stimulating, nourishing and renewing masks.

Active components: plantain, witch hazel, hydrocotyle and laminaria extracts.


Unispheres Active gel

Description: unique serum-gel with intense smoothing, regenerating and slight lightening effect. Vitamins A, E, ceramides and coenzyme Q10 are locked in unispheres for preserving their peak activity until applied to the skin. A rich complex of active components contains all of the nourishing and hydrating substances necessary for improving skin elasticity and restoring its protective barrier. Long-acting preparation.

Directions: the preparation is used as a mask being applied for 15-20min. after prior dissolving massage (2- 3 min.) to unlock the unispheres. Overlaid by AlgActive Powder Mask increases its efficacy. The serum-gel organically goes well with other preparations (in turn or mixed) for improving its antioxidant activity in all skin types. Efficient in device-based cosmetology.

Active components: extracts of green tea, caviar, witch hazel, camellia, massoy, soapwort, common mistletoe and licorice, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, wheat proteins, kojic acid, chitosan, unispheres with vit. A, E, and Q10, ceramides 3.


Queen's jelly

Description: tender silky gel-serum with ultra-rich formulation, developed especially for fading and tired skin with disrupted moisture barrier. Instantly calms and softens irritated and scaly skin. For this reason it is especially recommended for skin recovery after aggressive cosmetic procedures, dermatological treatment and all kinds of depilation. Ideal for lip and eye contour areas. Anhydrous formula. Protects the skin from cold and wind. A wonder smoothing base before applying make-up. Provides perfect and stable silky effect.

Directions: in case of extreme dry skin with cracking or scaling symptoms and also after depilation and other aggressive procedures the product is applied in thin layer until the desired effect of silkiness is achieved. Skin hydration efficiency, especially in the delicate eye contour area, is considerably increased by applying it over Plantain Lifting Gel or Phyto-Essence. Goes well with other creams and possesses good conductive properties.

Active components: royal jelly, wheat germ oil, corn, sesame and sunflower oils, vit. A and E, panthenol (provitamin B5), azulene. 



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