MicroorganismsMicroorganisms – allies

Recently cosmetic industry pays more and more attention to microorganisms, inhabiting our skin surface and insides. It was estimated, that an ordinary man carries with him up to 1kg of microorganisms and at that 99.9% of time we live with these invisible guests in ideal harmony. And what is more, our body and especially skin need them. As a rule, the problems of skin infection arise when the balance between natural microflora and «strangers» is disturbed.

For this reason there appears the necessity to develop cosmetic products considering the needs and demands of our skin microflora. A special problem is using preservatives as they are potentially able to accumulate on skin surface and penetrate in its upper layer, causing devastation in the ranks of resident microbes and thereby opening various loopholes for pathogenic microbes. Many scientists have come to the conclusion that of all preservatives, used in cosmetics, just parabens, falling into disgrace in recent years, are the exactly those natural paraben-like and mild preservatives allowing to reliably protect cosmetic products from spoilage and to support harmony of relationships with microorganisms.

LPlump lipsipstick for «plump» lips

Specialists have developed a lipstick, allowing to get an immediate effect of «plump» lips. The lipstick consists of two parts. One part contains a special silicone polymer with polyatomic alcohol and the other – a catalytic agent, causing binding reaction between silicone polymer and polyatomic alcohol. As a result of this reaction a foamy polymer film is formed, smoothing wrinkled lips and giving the lips a seductive plumpness.

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