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Pure Cleansing Gel

with allantoin
oil free  |   fragrance free  
detergent free  |  color free


Natural cleansing gel free of artificial colorants, fragrances and detergents. Ensures gentle cleansing, preserves skin acidity, moisturizes and exfoliates dead cells. Can be used by itself or together with Magic Jelly. For all skin types, including very sensitive skin.

Magic Jelly
hydrophilic makeup remover
for face, neck & eyes

with oil complex
mineral oil free  |   paraben free
Soft jelly based on nourishing argan, burdock and olive oils in combination with Pure Cleansing Gel allows easy and complete removal of all types of makeup. An ideal delicate cleanser for face, neck & eye skin. Soothes, softens and nourishes dry and thin skin. Easy to apply and wash off. Leaves skin perfectly clean, velvety and supple.
Directions: both products are mixed directly on the skin, forming a cleansing emulsion. It is easily rinsed off with water or a damp sponge. The emulsion also fits for removing make-up in eye contour area.  In case of stubborn make-up apply a 2-3 ml of Magic Jelly to cotton disk and wipe mildly necessary areas.

Active components: argan seed oil, burdock seed oil, olive oil, lavender essential oil, tocopherol, beta sitosterol, squalene, guaiazulene.



Phyto Essence

with lithospermum, malva & aloe


Universal product, designed to saturate the skin with moisture. Gently cools and calms the skin. Plant extracts and vitamin E, incorporated into this gentle emulsion, are known for their antioxidant properties. Excellent under make-up as well as under nourishing or protective cream. Parabens and colorant free.

Directions: apply to cleansed skin as often as necessary.

Active components: aloe leaf juice, extracts of mallow, witch hazel and shikonin, jojoba seed oil.




Repleinishing cream 

with Omega 3 / 6 in liposomes
& hyaluronic acid


This rich moisturizer effectively softens and nourishes the skin leaving it feeling smooth and comfortable. Active antioxidants act as free radical scavengers to diminish visible signs of premature aging. Essential fatty acids are gradually released onto the skin for prolonged benefit. Sodium Hyaluronate binds moisture to the skin and phyto-sterols support longer moisture retention. The light texture and soothing chamomile extract make it ideal for delicate skin with a tendency to develop redness. Mineral oil free.

Directions: use morning and evening over cleansed face and neck.

Active components: soybean oil, Safflower oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Carrot Root Extract, Soybean Sterols, Phospholipids, Sphingolipids, Omega-3 and hyaluronic acids,  Beta-Carotene,  Allantoin, vitamins А and Е.





Queen's Jelly

with Royal Jelly and natural Oils


Serum-gel with Royal jelly and vitamin A is an ideal treatment for eye and lip contour area to prevent appearance of mimic wrinkles. Provides softening and smoothing action, promotes skin rejuvenation and protection. Water-free formula and high concentration of active ingredients ensures its efficiency and economical use.

Directions: apply to the cleansed skin in a thin layer. Protects the skin from winter weather. Doesn't contain water and preservatives.

Active components: royal jelly, wheat germ oil, corn, sesame and sunflower oils, vit. A and E, panthenol (provitamin B5), azulene.







with NMF & Sepilift® Complex


The cream-mask is designed to improve hydration, tonicity and metabolism of all skin types, including delicate eye contour area. Intensively moisturizes and smoothes out all skin types. Due to high concentration of NMF components combined with powerful lifting complex it actively restores tired skin increasing its firmness and leaving the skin smooth and supple.

Directions: apply evenly to face, neck and eye contour area. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with water. The mask can be also used as a cream.

Active components: jojoba, soybean and safflower oils; Sepilift®, vitamins B5 and E, ginkgo leaf extract, fructose, glycine.




with ruscus,
chamomile & mallow


Soft gentle facial cream-mask enriched with herbal components known for their beneficial healing influence on delicate sensitive and couperose skin. Firms and tones up capillary walls, calms and smoothes irritated skin, removes puffiness. Supports skin moisture balance leaving a sensation of comfort after every application.
Directions: apply to the cleansed skin a thick layer for 10 - 15 minutes and then rinse or wipe the skin with cosmetic cotton discs.

Active components: extracts of chamomilla, butcher's broom, mallow; wheat germ oil, allantoin, vitamin E.





with argan oil, squalane
 & NMF complex


Tender nourishing cream-mask ideal to treat extremely dry fading mature skin contains exotic argan oil which is exceptionally rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids essential for skin health. Exotic argan oil and NMF-complex work together to nourish, moisturize and firm the skin. The mask actively restores skin water-holding capacity, prevents tissue expansion of aging skin, facilitates crack healing thus improving skin elasticity and increasing its vitality.

Directions: apply to previously cleansed skin. If used as a cream, may be applied in a thin layer and no need to rinse off. If used as a mask, leave it on for 15 - 20 min., then remove the excess with moist cosmetic tissues.

Active componentsargan kernel oil, phytosqualane, sweet almond, corn and wheat germ oils, litospermum, vitamin E.





with Phytosterols, Sepilift®
& Knotweed extract


Lifting cream foundation intensively hydrates the skin and improves its tone. Effectively smoothes fine facial lines, protects the skin against harmful UV-radiation. Regular use of the cream makes the skin smooth and young-looking.

Directions: apply evenly to the face & neck.

Active components: castor oil, Knotweed, Titanium dioxide, Beeswax, Soybean sterol, Tocopheryl acetate, Sepilift®.





with witch hazel (hamamelis) ext.


Effectively conceals skin imperfections (pimples, spots and so on). Contains purifying components to absorb excess oilyness to give it a matt appearance.

Directions: shake before use.

Active components: Water (Aqua), Propylene Glycol, Titanium Dioxide, Talk, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) Distillate, Alcohol SDA 40, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Imidazolidinyl Urea,Methylparaben, Propylparaben. 




90% UVA blocked
mineral powder


Natural loose powder protects the skin from harmful external factors and blocks over 90% UVA radiation. Suits all skin types including problem and delicate skin. Contains healing herbal extracts and physical sun protective filters. Thanks to its whisper-weight texture the powder lets your skin breathe without clogging pores and perfectly mattes it for giving radiant and silky appearance.

Directions: apply over day cream. Easy to apply powder for beneficial use all day long.


Active components: corn (zea mays) starch, titanium dioxide, mica, alumina, jojoba esters, silica, burdock (arctium lappa) root powder, tribulus terrestris (caltrop) fruit powder, magnolia biondii bark extract, iIron oxide CI 7749



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