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The company’s steady growth and business success results from the compliance with Magiray fundamental principle «Science + Traditions» according to which the science has to be based on traditions while the traditions must be scientifically grounded.

All Magiray cosmetic products are designed to perform integrative anti-aging treatments and aesthetic skin rehabilitation by means of delicate but effective cosmetic care.

MAGIRAY professional line is developed and founded on holistic principles that require the cosmetic correction of skin defects to be realized by regulating all skin physiological processes.
All Magiray products are formulated with a carefully selected balance of both up-to-date and traditional active components (more than 300 kinds), including the most advanced biotechnological complexes, natural eco-friendly extracts, oils of plant and marine origin, Dead Sea slats and minerals, vitamins and fruit acids. The products contain a great number of the newest ingredients protected by international patents, all the components are approved by ECOCERT.
Due to synergic interaction within wide variety of highly concentrated active components all Magiray cosmetic products are recognized for their efficiency and multifunctional economical use for creating manifold treatment solutions targeted at solving the problems related to all types of skin disorders. 
MAGIRAY professional products for home use help to maintain the long-term effect of clinical cosmetic procedures.
Four classic series reflect the World’s best beauty industry achievements in developing high-tech, efficient and natural cosmetic products:

1. RESTORE  – restoring and rehabilitating series for all skin types;

2. EDÉLE – antioxidant series for combination and oily skin;

3. PEARL – lightening series for all types of hyperpigmented skin;

4. CLC – peptide anti-aging series;

5. SPA dead sea secret includes the most natural cosmetic products for ensuring deep muscle relaxation and restoring skin health and vitality. 

Consumer cosmeceutical line HISHERS developed for the whole family, both for men and women of all ages, provides daily face and body hygienic care.
Mini-series Fast Action Line (F.A.) is intended to solve the most common teen oily skin problems.  


Мagiray™ products:

  • have been developed and manufactured  since 1995
  • are certified by the Institute of Quality Control and Standardization ISO 9001-2000, ISO 9001-2008, ISO 13485-2003, ISO 22716-2007
  • meet GMP standards
  • come with a complete set of licenses, granted by the Pharmaceutical Department of  the Israeli Ministry of Health
  • meet EU and USA standards for such kind of products


1. Cleansing and toning up
2. Exfoliation and peeling
3. Skin care
   > serums
   > creams
   > masks

4. Products for massage and spa procedures
5. Cosmetic purees FRUIT TOUCH SPA Bar
6. DIAMOND premium care  – DIAMOND LINE
7. Photon micro-needle therapy
8. Accessories



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