Sturgeon (black) caviar is a famous delicacy that earlier was available to tzars and afterwards – to the governmental officials of high rank in the Soviet Russia. In the east caviar was considered to be an elixir of health and people took it in small quantities to grow stronger. In the west caviar is one of the most expensive and exquisite delicacies. The most expensive sorts of caviar – are beluga caviar – thoroughly washed out, sorted out according caviar berries size and slightly salted.

Each berry contains all nutrients, necessary for growth and development of live cells, including growth factors – substances, inducing the cells to fission and development.

In particular, caviar is rich in proteins and aminoacids – 25-30%,  fats – up to 20%, minerals (zinc, copper) – from 1,5 up to 12mg/kg, vitamins. 
Among fats one can find phospholipids and long chain fatty acids, belonging to omega-3 family. It is known that both these fat components are exceptionally wholesome for the skin. Omega-3 acids are necessary both for maintaining protective skin barrier and for correct regulation of  immune reactions. Phospholipids are a part of all living cells membraners,  including skin cells.

Black caviar nourishes the skin, stimulates renewal, maintains the skin immune system and protective barrier. Owing to these properties it is included in the first-class cosmetic products, designed for rejuvenation and reviving of fading skin.

As population of sturgeons in the world diminishes (in particular, this fact induced the United States to put a veto upon import of beluga black caviar from Russia) the main source of caviar for cosmetic industry are sturgeons, grown in fish farms. It allows to avoid both -  exhaustion of natural resources and penetration of toxins, which accumulate in caviar of wild fish, into cosmetic products.

Black caviar extracts are present in Magiray Complete Lift Complex (CLC) Line:

CLC Eye Contour Serum

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