(Hamamelis Virginiana)
Witch Hazel

SignsAndImages/HAMAMELIS02.jpgExtract of witch hazel bark was used at all times in treating skin diseases, but only recently there appeared the results of scientific investigations  conerning  mechanisms of its influence on skin.  It was found out that witch hazel bark contains two big groups of bioactive high molecular and low molecular substances. The group of active high molecular substances contains polymeric proantocianides and polysaccharides. Polysaccharides fraction, containing mainly arabinans and arabinogalactanes, possesses bactericidal and moisturizing effect, whereas proantocianides improve protective skin barrier,  possessing pronounced antiinflammatory and antioxidant effect and  reducing the skin inflammation  and irritation. Low molecular fraction contains flavonoids and tannins. Among tannins one can point to gammamelitannins and gallotannins, posessing astringent, antiinflammatory and bactericidal effect. The group of flavonoids contains quercetin, kaempherol and gallic acid which possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. The plant contains a small amount of essential oil which also possesses bactericidal effect. As the quantity of essential oil in hamamelis is too small as a rule cosmetologists use hamamelis distillate for treatment of skin diseases. The distillate is obtained by passing hot steam through splintered bark with further dissolving of condensate in alcohol. The condensates of this kind contain a considerable quantity of essential oil.
The presence of all these active ingredients, makes hamamelis useful in many skin diseases (wounds, burns, skin infection), but it is especially useful in acne. Hamamelis successfully fights harmful bacteria, including  P. acnes, reduces inflammation and irritation, caused by bacteria and excessive sebum, contracts pores, strengthens the skin protective barrier.

Magiray products, containing hamamelis:
Fast Action Line:
FA Refining Toner
– for oily problem skin
FA Day plus Night (Night Solution) – a system for care of oily problem skin
FA Clay Mask – a clay mask with herbs extracts for oily problem skin
FA Soft Gommage – for delicate cleansing of oily problem skin

Magiray Classic Line:
Facial Daytime Protection SPF-19
– a day cream with aloe juice and natural UV-filters
Herbal Tone Base – a cream-foundation with protective effect
AstriFin Mask – a cleansing and calming clay mask

Magiray His/Hers Line:
Balance Plus – light-textured cream with aloe, hamamelis and green tea
Planto Plus – elixir-gel with algae, plantain, hamamelis and centella extracts

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