One of the most important indispensable conditions for keeping the skin young and healthy is its proper cleansing. An ideal cleansing product must remove all water- and oil- soluble contaminations (make-up and excessive skin fat) without overdrying, irritating or damaging the skin. It is not that simple, as the better a product dissolves oils the more violently it damages the skin barrier functions. And if a product dissolves oils not adequately it is not effective enough in skin cleansing. Producers of soft cleansing products ought to solve this complicated problem – to find a balance between two extremes. It is particularly important to use soft cleansing products if the skin is extremely dry, sensitive and prone to inflammation. Just for these cases Magiray company has developed a unique product – Pearl Cleansing Milk.

As to its composition – the product resembles a nourishing cream – it contains a lot of ingredients, supplying the skin with important building elements which soften and protect the skin, raising its elasticity. For example, Pearl Cleansing Milk contains borage and grape oils, rich in irreplaceable fatty acids. These oils restore skin protective barrier, reduce inflammation, normalize the skin immune system. Shea butter makes up for a deficiency of natural skin grease, speed up healing of injured skin. Green tea extract calms the skin and ginkgo extract strengthens vessels and increases the skin elasticity. Natural pearl powder stimulates skin renewal, cleanses and improves complexion, Licorice possesses lightening effect. Orange essential oil is noticeable for its cleansing and stimulating effect and, finally, Soapwort,  rich in saponins (natural detergents), softly cleanses the skin. 

Pearl Cleansing Milk with extraordinary delicate and soft consistence ideally suits for cleansing face and neck, including eye contour area.

Direction:  Apply Pearl Cleansing Milk to the skin, massaging lightly within 20-30sec. Rinse with water or use wet cotton disk. Apply a corresponding toner.

Active components: shea butter, grape seed and borage oils, green tea, ginkgo, tomato, soapwort and licorice extracts, pearl powder, vitamins C and E, essential orange oil.      

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