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Click on the pictureThe majority of skin problems of healthy babies under one year do not require any treatment (for example, baby acne) or they can be solved without resorting to the help of cosmetics (intertrigo or desquamation). But for all that in order to keep a baby skin in neatness you ought to use a soap or a foam. And in this case it is exceptionally important to choose a safe and handy product, after all, you have to use it daily.

First of all a soap or a foam must not contain aggressive and irritating substances, as protective systems of baby skin are not yet mature and the skin is much more delicate and permeable. Analyses of independent experts have shown that not all cosmetic products for babies are tender and safe (for more details see article “Watch out-baby cosmetics”). Therefore it is better to use “adult” products, designed for sensitive skin.

Such factors as convenience and safety are of great importance too. For instance, bar soap is a not very happy choice as to soap a baby and hold him with one hand is dangerous and there is a risk that the baby will slip out.

The next requirement − the product must be easily washed off leaving no a film on the skin.

A soap or a foam must not include strong fragrances as just aromatic additives account for allergy very often. If after a bath there is a scent of a soap, then it will be better not to use this product.

And, at last, the product must not disturb the skin pH or overdry it in order to avoid reddening, rash or desquamation after bath.
The foam HygienePlus meets all these requirements. HisHers series of cosmetic products has been developed as a family line. That is to say, this line of cosmetics suits for all family members of all ages and gender. The products are very soft, free of irritating ingredients, contain a lot of natural bio-active components. The foam HygienePlus is notable for its peculiar softness as it has been developed for intimate body areas and contact with mucous membranes. And although there is no a mark “for babies” on the label the foam is softer and safer than many baby products, being in the market.

The foam contains seabuckthorn oil, possessing calming and healing properties, grapefruit extract with antioxidant and bactericidal properties and panthenol, strengthening the skin protective systems. It is not allergic as contains minimum fragrances.

The foam is packed in handy light bottles with mechanical dispensers without aerosol additives. A light pressure of a finger is enough and you see on your palm a hill of tender white foam. For baby care you can squeeze out the foam directly on the skin and do it by one hand. Due to unique combination of ultra-mild washing additives the foam does not spill and it is very convenient in case you want to wash only diapers area. It also suits for head washing  as the foam does not flow in eyes. Quite enough to smooth the foam over the skin, massaging lightly, and then wash off. The foam is easily washed off, leaving the skin cleansed, soft and silky. As the foam contains minimum fragrances the only odor that is left after bathing is a familiar odor of clean baby skin.


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