What Products are Considered to be Natural

In spring 2008 Natural Products Association (NPA) announced the fact that they have developed standards for natural cosmetic products and have been ready to start certification of natural cosmetics. Recently they announced the first cosmetic brands to be certified. They are: Burt’s Bees, Aubrey Organics and J.R.Watkins Apothecary.

The products must meet the following criteria in order to pass the certification:

• Cosmetic products contain no less than 95% of ingredients from natural materials
• Cosmetic products contain natural ingredients without chemical modifications which essentially change their characteristics
• Aggressive chemicals are not used in the process of manufacturing (extraction, refinement and so on)
• Cosmetic products are free of ingredients that have or may have negative influence upon human body
• The ingredients are derived from raw materials that are not under the threat of exhaustion
• Synthetic ingredients are allowed only in the event it is impossible to find natural substitutes

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