Mineral clays are Nature-made remedies for oily and impure skin. They contain different minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron as well as a variety of unique organic compounds with antibacterial, purifying and stimulatory action. Coarse, uneven nature of clay particles provides excellent absorbing surface for excessive oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Because of capillary nature of clay structure, it traps water creating depository for soluble active compounds, from which they can slowly penetrate into the skin. The only downsides of clays – the application can be messy, they usually require mixing with water and need to be moistened repeatedly to prevent drying up. 

To bring forward the maximum benefit of clays and to make clay-based skin treatment easy and convenient, Magiray Cosmetics developed a new mask for oily, acne prone and impure skin - Fast Action Clay Mask. This mask complements new series of products for oily, acne prone skin - Fast Action Line, which provides fast, simple and effective skin care.

Fast Action Clay Mask is based on white (kaolin) clay, well known for their purifying and calming effects. In addition it contains medicinal herbs such as aloe juice, witch hazel, elder, green tea, knotweed, myrrh extracts as well as sage and thyme essential oils.

The main principle of this mask is the combined action of clays and medicinal herbs. Immediately after application, clays begin to absorb excessive skin oil, dead cells and other impurities. As skin becomes more and more purified, active ingredients from the mask start to penetrate into the skin. Among them are natural antibacterial compounds from myrrh and elder, which, unlike pharmacological antibiotics, do not impair skin immunity. Also essential oils are especially well-suited for fighting acne bacteria, since they easily penetrate into the oil-clogged pores. Aloe juice and green tea calm inflammation, facilitate healing and enhance skin own defense. Very beneficial is witch hazel that is long used for treatment of impure skin, because of its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It calms down skin and tightens up pores.

The main advantage of this mask is creamy and soft texture. This mask is ready to use and does not require pre-mixing with water. Once on the skin, it spreads up easily and does not dry up. Depending on the time available, the skin treatment with this mask can take 5, 15 or 30 minutes, which allows incorporating this procedure into any daily routine. If necessary, it can be used overnight.

Due to the healing power of medicinal herbs and mineral clays, the mask quickly improves impure skin – unclogs pores and reduces their size, creates smooth matte complexion, decreases amount of pimples and comedones. 

To achieve the best result, the mask should be applied 1-3 times a week. It is also recommended to complement treatment with other Fast Action products:

Fast Action Day+Night (DayTime Gel and NightTIme Solution) – complete 24 hours skin care system for impure skin that includes invisible antiseptic gel for daytime use and mineral-herbal solution for night time application. 

Fast Action Deep Clean Scrub – delicate oil-free scrub for acne prone skin with seboregulating, purifying and anti-inflammatory action.

Fast Action Refining Toner – alcohol-free toner with balancing and calming effect.

Fast Action Soft Gommage – exceptionally mild skin cleansing product providing efficient removal of dead skin cells and excessive oil, making skin clean, fresh and matte looking.

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