Skin Renovation Moisturizer

MAGIRAY COSMETICS® presents Skin Renovation Moisturizer – a new state-of-the-art formula for mature and demanding skin. This product perfectly complements well-known anti-age series COMPLETE LIFT COMPLEX (CLC), which also includes CLC Eye Contour Serum, CLC Eye Contour Mask and CLC Wrinkle Away Face Cream.

CLC Skin Renovation Moisturizer is a soft, light textured and easily absorbed cream that brings forward all benefits of two wonders of modern science – nanotechnology and bioactive peptides.
Peptides are small protein molecules that often consist only of few amino acids. The most amazing characteristic of peptides is that many of them have regulatory power over the cells in our body. It is important, that unlike drugs, they do not bring drastic changes, but rather perform fine tuning and balancing of cellular life. For that reason, they can be immensely helpful in slowing down or even reversing aging process without any side effects.

CLC- Skin Renovation Moisturizer contains a recently discovered tetrapeptide that has ability to ensure correct assembly of the most important skin protein – collagen. Since collagen provides the main support of skin structure, it is very important to have properly built collagen to ensure skin firmness and elasticity. When collagen production is back on the right track, skin appearance considerably improves. It becomes firm, supple and smooth.

Today there is no doubt that nano-technology offers tremendous advantage to skin care, because tiny nano-particles allow precise, targeted delivery of active components. They also create unique gliding feel on the skin, which makes using cosmetics with nano-ingredients very pleasurable.
Skin Renovation Moisturizer contains nano-capsules made from blackcurrant seed oil and carnauba wax. These ingredients are 100% natural and perfectly compatible with the skin. Moreover, blackcurrant seed oil possesses healing properties of its own, since it contains beneficial omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFAs), which are very important for skin health.

It is MAGIRAY philosophy that all products rely not only on modern science, but on many time honored traditions as well. This is why Skin Renovation Moisturizer contains caviar - highly praised ingredient, which is famous for its anti-age benefit. Today we know that caviar contains a wealth of biologically active compounds, such as growth factors, amino acids, vitamins etc. Caviar spurs skin renovation process, resulting in younger looking, smooth and elastic skin.

No anti-age formula is complete without moisturizers and antioxidants. And Skin Renovation Moisturizer is no exception. Among its antioxidants are alpha-lipoic acid, vitamin C and green tea extract. These ingredients efficiently battle harmful free radicals, which are believed to be the main cause of skin aging.
To ensure excellent moisturizing, there are natural oils, such as avocado oil, borage oil and shea butter. These oils replenish skin own oil, which diminish as we age, and restore water balance. No less efficient moisture keepers are squalene, lactic acid and hyaluronic acid, which are water saving substances naturally present in skin.

Due to its sophisticated formulation, Skin Renovation Moisturizer is not only highly efficient, but also very pleasant cream, which instantly makes skin soft and velvety.  Soft texture, fast absorption, delicate aroma and noticeable results ensure high level of satisfaction and unique pampering experience from this product.

Directions: apply thin layer on cleansed skin morning or evening. 
 To slow down and reverse skin aging, and to stimulate skin renovation, apply in the evening over Active Alpha Serum or Pure White Serum.
 To enhance sun protection and to prevent photoaging, use together with Lifting Tone Base SPF-30, ProtectionPlus SPF-30, AloePlus SPF-19 in the morning.

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