Cocoa pod extract as a cosmetic ingredient

Once cocoa beans being extracted, the pods as a rule go to waste, however it is rather possible that in the nearest future they will become a valuable cosmetic raw material as recent scientific research proved that they contain carbolic and phenolic acids, fatty acids, flavonoids, stilbenoids and terpenoids.
Antioxidant activity of cocoa pod extract appeared to be higher than of pine bark extract. Its ability to inhibit collagenase and elastase – enzymes responsible for degradation of dermal matrix – is much higher than of ascorbic acid and pine bark extract, and its ability to inhibit tyrosinase – enzyme, participating in synthesis of melanin pigment   – is higher than of kojic acid. Besides cocoa pod extract can stimulate the growth of dermal fibroblasts and also protect the skin from UF-radiation.
All the listed properties of cocoa pod extract prove its real potential to be included into cosmetic formulations as an ingredient possessing lightening, antioxidant and anti-aging effects. 


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