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5 powerful ingredients able to change the overall appearance of your skin
If you’ve made a serious decision to improve your skin appearance, you need to know about five most powerful ingredients that can completely transform the skin look... Although in many countries the legal calendar year runs from 1 January, for many people the new year actually begins in September. Someone starts a new school year, someone starts a new job, but someone exactly in September, after the summer holidays, decides to renew his efforts in overall skin improvement and rejuvenation. Nowadays there are a lot of genuine opportunities for the beauty upholders and healthy lifestyle followers to access the high-performance innovations based both on the latest scientific achievements and the most advanced technologies.

We are glad to call your attention to 5 powerful ingredients able to change the overall appearance of your skin.

1. Retinol and its analogues remain the long live favorites in cosmetic science. Retinol has the ability to change the activity of skin genes, affecting the speed of cell division and differentiation. The most active retinoid is retinoic acid, but due to the serious side effects it is not used in cosmetics manufacturing. The main problems caused by cosmetic retinoids may be the following: risk of skin irritation, complicated delivery into the skin layers and instability of retinoid cosmetic formulations. All these problems can be successfully solved by using encapsulated retinoids.

Products recommended by Magiray Professional:
Natural peeling Retiker (RetiCare) based on encapsulated retinol is a powerful two phase combination of salt scrub based on vegetable oils with retinol and pumpkin extract, and an aqueous gel with herbal extracts and fruit enzymes in liposomes.
Retinol and its analogues are also included into the following preparations:  Queen’s Jelly, Pearl Lights Beauty Mask, Argalane cream-mask, LiftoFin cream-mask, TCC cream, Unispheres Active Gel, Edele Bio-Cream, Replenishing Cream, CLC Extra Rich Revitalizer Finishing Cream, CLC Eye Contour Lifting Cream and Gel, Deco Cream, Pearl White Alpha Cream, CalmiFin Mask.
Classic_Line/wrinkleaway.jpg2. Platinum peptide (Acetyl Tetrapeptide-17 based on platinum nanocarriers), a new high-tech peptide, is an ideal expediter for delivering active components into the deepest skin layers. Platinum carriers not only serve for peptide penetration deep into epidermis, but also activate the synthesis of dermal matrix components. Thanks to their optical properties they instantly improve skin appearance giving it fresh and radiant look.
The results of 28-day research for regular use of the platinum peptide showed the following betterment: increase of collagen synthesis (type 1) 250%, increase of collagen synthesis (type 2) 280%, raise of skin hydration level, improvement of skin elasticity and texture.

Products recommended by Magiray Professional:

Due to the most advanced formulation, containing the latest anti-aging ingredients, CLC Wrinkle Away Cream & CLC Eye & Lip Contour Gel with 5 bioactive peptides provide deep restructuring action – improves skin texture and elasticity, stimulates skin   renewal, improves its protective properties and maintains a healthy and young-looking appearance.
3. Hyaluronic acid of different molecular weight – from 59 KD to 1000 KD
The most distinctive feature of hyaluronic acid is the unique ability to restore skin moisture-binding properties acting like natural moisturizing factor. The results of scientific research proves its stimulating property in collagen synthesis and boost of the skin regeneration.
  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is a perfect moisturizer that results in forming light   breathable film coating on skin surface thus providing a smoothing effect and instantly improving skin appearance.
  • Small/middle molecular weight hyaluronic acid is able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis.

4. Plant stem cells possess remarkable revitalizing and regenerating properties due to the high concentration of growth factors, amino acids, vitamins, bioidentical lipids and antioxidants.

Products recommended by Magiray Professional:

H.A.FILLERS – a unique collection of three highly efficient, non-injectable filler-serums based on hyaluronic acid of different molecular weight and stem cells extracted from healing plants possesses a complex anti-aging action to all skin types providing an impressive and instant result. The stem cells are derived from 3-4 day plant sprouts cultivated without using pesticides in sterile conditions of Magiray Cosmetics own laboratory. In the extraction process are used the high pressure technologies performed under the high pressure and the temperature not exceeding 37 C with compulsory use of natural solvents such as water or oil, depending on the purpose.     
Hyaluronic acid and stem cells are also contained in the following products: Pearl White Alpha Cream, Replenishing Cream, Herba Wine, Edele Bio-Serum, Deco drops, Hexa Drops, Extra Rich Revitalizer Finishing Cream, Diamond Collagen Repair Mask Step 2, and in all the elixirs of Natural Collection.

5. Lipo-amino acid (Palmitoyl isoleucine) – the proprietary product, symbiosis of nature and high technology and real alternative to lipofilling, possesses revitalizing and recovering action thus improving the skin elasticity and activating the cell detoxification system. The results of the recent scientific research prove the following effects:
  • The depth of wrinkles around the eyes and lips was reduced at 40% of deep wirnkles, 35% of middle wrinkles and  24%  of the total wrinkle area.  
  • Tightening effect 83% compared with placebo – the product strengthens the muscle tone, promotes adhesion of fibroblast matrix and recovery of extracellular matrix, thus providing facial resculpting, increasing the filling of hollow cheeks and chest and preventing skin sagging.
Products recommended by Magiray Professional:
Extra Rich Revitalizer effectively fights the signs of skin fading. Components of Natural Moisturizing factor (NMF) in combination with botanical oils restore skin moisture, improve the barrier function and increase its elasticity. A nutritional amino acid complex and extracts of herbal germs, containing active components of plant stem cells, help to revitalize the skin and improve its resilience. With regular use, the cream effectively slows down skin fading, reduces mimic wrinkles and sights of tiredness, giving the skin youthful, fresh and vibrant appearance. (Professional version of this product – Extra Rich Finishing Cream – has the similar formula just with the absence of anti-mimic peptide).  
The effectiveness of all the above listed ingredients is scientifically proven, they are perfectly compatible with the human skin, have no side effects and provide the instant and prolonged effect.

However, we need to realize that none, even the most advanced high-tech ingredient is not able to solve the skin disorders on its own. For best results, it is necessary to use all these substances within the complex program of skin rejuvenation, restoration and improvement. This program should include a multi-level skin hydration, regular exfoliation, antioxidant protection, nutrition and stimulation of skin repair.


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