Zinc pyrithione and «dandruff genes»

Dandruff is a widespread problem characterized by the appearance of white flakes on the scalp, itching and redness of the scalp. A recent study showed that in people with dandruff, the profile of activity of certain genes is changed, and that a shampo, containing zinc pyrithione, is able to restore the level of gene activity, typical for healthy skin. For assessment of the genes by means of biopsies there were taken pieces of scalp from a group of volunteers suffering from dandruff. It was found that the presence of dandruff is accompanied by changes in the activity of 700 genes, including gene, that regulates inflammation, skin cells division and their programmed death (apoptosis).

The volunteers were asked to wash their hair daily for 3 weeks with shampoo, containing zinc pyrithione. Another control group washed their hair with the same shampoo but  not containing zinc pyrithione. After that in all the participants were taken pieces of skin for genetic analysis. As a result, after 3 weeks of use shampoo with zinc pyrithione genetic profile of scalp came to normal and closer to the profile of healthy skin.


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