A new lipo-dipeptide for restore the skin elastin

French scientists have developed a new cosmetic lipo-dipeptide to restore function of elastin in aging skin.
Elastin – a protein that provides the skin's ability to return to its original condition after stretching. Decreased synthesis of elastin and accumulation of damaged elastin is one of the causes of slack skin.
New lipo-dipeptide is amino acids – tyrosine and arginine, bound to a fat-soluble fragment. Because of this dipeptide easily penetrates into the skin. Studies have shown that lipo-dipeptide not only increases the amount of elastin produced by the skin cells, but also improves the structure of its fibers.

Chitosan nanoparticles

Chitosan is a polymer made ​​on the basis of chitin, which forms the shell of cancroids and insects skin. Chitosan is used in cosmetics as a film-forming and moisturizing agent. Recently the scientists created chitosan nanoparticles, which have a number of interesting features. First of all, in contrast to the chitosan,  molecules of which are too large to penetrate into the skin, chitosan nanoparticles easily penetrate through the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, nano-chitosan has high antimicrobial activity. Particularly effective antimicrobial agent turned to be   nanochitozan, associated with copper ions. And  finally, chitosan particles reduce the activity of enzymes that destroy the intercellular substance of the dermis, so that they can be useful in anti-aging products.

Essential rose oil protects the skin from stress

It is well known that acute psychological stress can lead to disruption of skin epidermal barrier, causing dryness, irritation and desquamation. Responsible for this are stress hormones – glucocorticoids and adrenocorticotropic hormone, which are secreted into the blood during stimulation of the hypothalamus. Some scents are able to reduce the production of stress hormones and in such a way to prevent the violation of the epidermal barrier. Recent study, conducted in Israel, has shown that inhalation of essential fragrance of rose oil significantly reduces the production of stress hormones, thereby preventing violation of the epidermal barrier caused by acute psychological stress.

Tripeptide GHK against emphysema

Researches, conducted at several universities (Boston University – USA), University of Groningen – The Netherlands, University of Pennsylvania – United States and British Columbia – Canada) have shown, that tripeptide GHK (peptide with sequence of amino acids glycine-histidine-lysine), which is known as a cosmetic ingredient, can counteract the development of lung emphysema, influencing on the level of activity of certain genes. The researchers identified 127 genes whose activity fluctuated in the tissues of patients with emphysema. In particular, in patients with lung emphysema activity of genes encoding various biologically active substances that increase inflammation was increased. On the contrary, the activity of genes, encoding proteins required for tissue repair and wound healing was reduced. GHK tripeptide turned to be able to reduce the activity of genes, involved in destruction of lungs and inflammation processes, increasing at the same time, the activity of genes involved in regeneration. The scientists believe that the ability to increase the activity of genes involved in regeneration, and the ability to reduce the activity of genes encoding inflammatory signaling molecules, can be the basis of a well-known anti-aging and wound healing  properties of tripeptides.


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