Tripeptide GNK-Cu renders harmless of copper

Copper is an essential element in living organisms, but free ions of copper are toxic and can accelerate the process of aging, increasing oxidative damage to cells. Copper is necessary for the synthesis of collagen and proper operation of dozens of important enzymes in skin, including the main antioxidant enzymes – superoxide anion dismutase (SOD). Therefore, substances that can deliver copper to the skin cells improve the skin condition. However, on condition that the copper is neutralized, that is not able to enhance the oxidative reaction.

The most popular carrier of copper in cosmetology is a copper-binding peptide GHK, but until recently a lot of arguments flared up around this peptide, whether it is really able to neutralize copper, or copper-related peptide can still damage the skin. Recently a detailed investigation have been carried out showing that copper, complexed with  GHK (GHK-Cu), is not involved in oxidative reactions and does not damage the skin. Herewith GHK-Cu is able to quickly transfer copper to other peptides and proteins, including those enzymes that are in need of copper. Thus, it was confirmed that the complex GHK-Cu is an ideal transporter of copper to skin.


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