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American scientists have developed a new active ingredient that can inhibit the growth of propionic bacteria that cause acne (P.acnes). These bacteria are one of the main factors of inflammation and the formation of comedones.
The substance with the working title SIG1273 is a small molecule of  izoprenilcysteine and can be included in the gel cosmetics for problem skin.

Studies on human keratinocytes have shown that SIG1273 inhibits the growth of propionic bacteria and inflammation, caused by them. The substance was also tested by double-blind methods on 30 volunteers. Gel, containing 3% SIG1273, was applied to the skin of volunteers over a 6-week period. There was a good tolerability of the gel − it did not cause irritation or redness in contrast to many other products agaianst acne. Along with it, the gel reduced inflammatory response and the quantity of bacteria. However, the gel had no effect on comedones, black dots and other noninflammatory acne symptoms. This once again shows that the treatment of acne should be comprehensive and aimed at all key processes.


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