How to prevent photoaging

The sun is the source of life on earth and although its rays act positively on the body, excessive sun exposure leads to premature skin aging. This type of aging is called photoaging. The character of this aging is different from the aging, caused by age-related gradual wear of skin also areas of hard flaky skin and extended blood vessels on cheeks.

Such changes are detected only on the areas, subjected to the strong solar radiation, while on the areas, usually protected  from the sun (for example, hypogastrium, inner thighs and so on) the skin, as a rule, looks far better.

Until recently it was thought that the main initiator of premature skin aging was UV-radiation. For this reason it was recommended to use sunscreens for preventing photoaging. But at present it appears that the entire spectrum of sunlight possesses damaging effect due to high intensity of solar radiation. Nevertheless radiation with different ranges of wavelength damages the skin in different ways.

UVB rays have the wavelength in the range of 315-280nm. This radiation bears high energy and is able directly to damage skin cells, but the depth of its penetration into skin is limited by horn layer and upper epidermis. Sunburn and tanning are the most visible consequences of UVB-radiation. Sunburn is a complex reaction, accompanied by inflammation. In particular, sunburn immune cells – neutrophils, capable to secrete proteoclastic enzymes, destroying the skin collagen and elastin, migrate into the skin in case of sunburn.

UVA rays have the wavelength in the range of 410-315nm. And although this energy is not so high as compared with UVB, but it is capable to penetrate deeper into the skin up to dermal layer. Under the influence of UVA rays free radicals are generated in the skin, damaging its molecules – collagen, elastin, lipid membranes and DNA.

Suncreens are not able to protect the skin from visible and infrared radiation. Therefore they are responsible for almost 50% of free radicals, formed in the skin with prolonged exposure to the sun. So these two types of radiation also make a significant contribution to skin aging. Infrared radiation not itself, but, warming the skin and thus triggering biochemical reactions, induces formation of free radicals.

Proceeding from the above said, the most reliable way to protect the skin from photoaging is to restrict exposure to the sun. We can not allow excessive skin heating by direct rays of the sun (in the middle of the day one should be in the shade or indoors) as well as unacceptably lying on the beach for a long time even if your skin is protected by a sunscreen. For synthesis  of vitamin D it is enough to be in the sun for 20 – 30 minutes in the morning. That time will be enough in order to get a light tan on the skin.

And what to do if it is not possible to escape being in the sun or you really want to get a tan longer? In such a case one must seriously take care of comlex skin protection. The following products will help to protect the skin and slow down the process of photoaging:
  1. Sun-protection products with mineral UV-filters, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. This type of filters does not damage the skin.

    Magiray cosmetics offers:

    AloePlus SPF-19
    – sun protection cream will be appreciated by those, whose skin can not tolerate usual sun-protective products. The cream contains aloe juice with high concentration of wound healing and anti-inflammatory substances. Sun protection is provided by titanium dioxide – a physical filter, not irritating the skin. The cream is easily applied without leaving cling film, protects the skin from overdrying in sunny hot days.

    ProtectionPlus SPF-30
    and Lifting Tone Base SPF-30.  Lifting Tone Base partially protects the skin also from visible part of sunlight spectrum, but not only from UV radiation.

  2. Antioxidants, necessary before and after sunburn.

    Magiray cosmetics offers:

    – tender day bio-cream and bio-serum, containing bio-protectors of Alpine edelweiss, protecting the skin from UV-radiation damage, and extracts of apple and orange, rich in antioxidants

    – oil from acai seeds (Euterpe oleracea) possesses high antioxidant activity and is a rich source of indispensable omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamins.

    – cream, containing Acai extract and oil, rich in antioxidants.

    BALANCE PLUS – calming and moisturizing cream with  extracts of green tea – a powerful antioxidant

  3. Antiinflammatory products – before and after sunburn.

    Magiray cosmetics offers:

    Planto Plus
    contains extracts of four plants, known for their wound healing, anti-inflammatory and calming properties – plantain, hamamelis, laminaria and hydrocotyle.  The gel stimulates the skin protective properties, promotes healing of damaged skin, possesses lifting effect.

    Tender Gel Mask
    contains aloe juice and jelly, known for their anti-inflammatory and healing effect.

  4. Moisturizing products after sunburn.

    Magiray cosmetics offers:

    CLC Skin Renovation Moisturizer – tender easily absorbed moisturizing emulsion with natural oils, plant extracts and biologically active peptides, stimulating skin renewal. After applying the emulsion leaves an extremely pleasant sensation of soft, smooth and fresh skin. Possesses prolonged renewing effect.

    Phyto-Essence – tender universal emulsion cools and calms the skin, saturating it with moisture. Possesses antioxidant effect.

    In addition one can use:

    CalmiFin Mask – calms the skin, prevents from redness and puffiness

    Argalane Mask
    calms and nourishes the skin, restores barrier.

  5. Products, stimulating skin regeneration after sunburn.

    Magiray cosmetics offers:

    Wrinkle Away Face Cream – contains decorinyl® – the newest biomimetic tetrapeptide and microscopic capsules with black currant oil, containing a unique combination of irreplaceable fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 with regenerating effect. Decorinyl stimulates synthesis of collagen and improves its structure. The Dead Sea salts, shea butter, extracts of laminaria, aloe and tomato promote renewing effect.

    Pearl White Peptide Serum – active pearl serum with rich peptide complex raises the skin collagen level. Possesses stimulating, lightening and lifting effect.
As it is not impossible completely to avoid skin damage in summer period it is necessary to conduct professional peeling in autumn and after that – a course of care with regenerating preparations. Complex skin protection plus elimination of damaged structures and stimulation of regenerating processes in autumn allows to neutralize the effects of photoaging and maintain the skin beauty and youth.


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