A new look at sun protection

It is known that the UV spectrum of solar radiation can damage the skin and cause premature aging, since this radiation stimulates production of free radicals, causes inflammation and increases the activity of enzymes that destroy the intercellular substance of the dermis. There were already reports in press about the facts, that also visible sun beams of high intensity may accelerate skin aging. A recent study has confirmed these data. It turned out that the visible solar spectrum of high intensity (wavelength 400-700 nm), also contributes to the production of free radicals, inflammation, and the activity of enzymes that destroy the intercellular substance, that is, just like ultraviolet radiation contributes to the accelerated skin aging. Since many sunscreens do not weaken visible spectrum of solar radiation, then in order to prevent premature skin aging it is always necessary to add to their formula antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances and components that are able to prevent the destruction of intercellular substance.

UV radiation and the skin nerve receptors

Wrinkles and age spots − these are not the only consequences of excessive UV exposure. It turns out that in the skin, damaged by solar radiation, the number of nerve fibers is significantly (40-60%) reduced. Skin protection with sunscreen with SPF15 and antioxidants helps to prevent damage to the skin nerve endings.

Wrinkles and deafness

Oxidative stress caused by excessive UV irradiation, is one of the leading factors in the development of age-related  hearing disorders. Since wrinkles are also a consequence of oxidative stress, caused by UV radiation, the scientists grow interested, whether there is a connection between the degree of skin aging and hearing disorder. A study in Japan among 805 older people (342 men and 463 women) showed that this relationship − the more wrinkles, the worse hearing − was observed only in men, while in women such connection was not observed. Probably, there are also another factors, involved in development of both hearing loss and skin aging in men, such as smoking, alcohol and  nutrition, poor in antioxidant.

Bioelectricity for rejuvenation the skin in eye contour area

Research Center of Johnson & Johnson in France developed a new method of skin rejuvenation in eye contour area, using microscopic (few micrometers in diameter) particles of zinc-coated copper (ZnCu particles). When immersed in a liquid conductor, these particles begin to produce electricity. For skin rejuvenation they use a complex, containing ZnCu particles. The complex was applied to the skin and  over it was applied activating moisturizing cream, possessing conductive properties. This allows to get a few millivolts of electrical voltage, which is, practically, not perceptible, but it stimulates the skin and creates a lifting effect. Double-blind controlled study on 123 volunteers, has shown that bioelectrical complex, based on ZnCu particle, has both an immediate lifting effect and leads to gradual decrease of wrinkles depth and dark circles around the eyes.


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