Collagen fill-up care

Rejuvenating lightening serum with the set of biological peptides and moisturizing components. Anti-aging activity of peptides in the serum has been confirmed in numerous scientific studies.

The distinctive feature of the serum is its complex effect on the synthesis of skin collagen that ensures the effective filling of wrinkles.

First of all, the serum contains Tripeptide GHK(tripeptide-1), one of the most well-studied peptide regulators of skin reparative processes. Extensive studies in scientific laboratories around the globe have confirmed its ability to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and other dermal components, to accelerate the process of wound healing and remodeling after peelings and other cosmetic procedures, to reduce inflammation and to enhance activity of antioxidant enzymes. The most interesting effect of the tripeptide is its ability to restore the vitality of skin stem cells. As a result one can see the decrease in wrinkle depth, increase in the skin firmness and elasticity, smoothing of scars and other skin defects and significant increase in efficiency of other cosmetic procedures.

Most of the tripeptide’s useful properties are due to the fact that it has high affinity to copper ions and is able to deliver this necessary element directly to the skin cells. Thus, one way to enhance the activity of cosmetics containing the tripeptide GHK is to add copper salts directly to the formulation. However due to the fact that free ionic copper (not bonded to proteins) is toxic, such approach requires careful balance between peptides and copper. This is why in our products we use bio-copper, which is copper that is naturally present in a number of natural ingredients, such as the extract of fermented Antarctic bacteria, caviar and marine collagen. On the one hand this provides high activity of tripeptide GHK and on the other hand, completely eliminates the risk of skin damage by free ions of copper. In addition to copper fermented extract of Antarctic protobacteria and caviar contain a number of other elements, possessing exclusive protective and replenishing properties. Caviar is rich in growth factors, accelerating the skin renewal, and bacteria contain antioxidant enzymes, similar in their properties to the main antioxidant skin enzyme – superoxidismutase (SOD) but possessing more powerful action. In addition, the serum contains a complex of bioactive peptides, extracted from soya and wheat proteins, which has been proven to stimulate synthesis of collagen and accelerate skin renewal.

The serum also contains tetrapeptide decorinyl – the only available in today’s cosmetology ingredient, which not only stimulates collagen synthesis, but regulates its assembly, providing forming of homogenous, compact and properly organized fibers. Decorinyl improves efficiency of other stimulators of collagen synthesis, present in formula, and provides prolonged effect of improving the skin elasticity and reducing the depth of wrinkles.

The serum possesses exclusive moisturizing properties due to the presence of hyaluronic acid, locust bean gum, rich in peptide-protein complex, able to retain the skin moisture, and the Dead Sea salts, making up for minerals of moisturizing factor in skin cells.

And finally, the serum contains a lightening complex, containing licorice extract, alpha-arbutin, kojic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Acting together, these ingredients reduce synthesis of dark pigment, lighten already existing pigment and stimulate the skin renewal. As a result the skin acquires tender uniform color and pearl youthful radiance. 


Use morning and/or evening both independently and in combination with an appropriate cream.

Recommended for:

dehydrated skin
mature and fading skin
skin with the signs of post-acne
skin with hyperpigmentation
skin with disturbed hydrophilic barrier
skin repair after aggressive cosmetic procedures

Active ingredients:  decorinyl, tripeptide-1 (tripeptide GHK), hydrolyzed soya and wheat proteins, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, fermented extract of Antarctic bacteria  (Pseudoalteromonas Antarktika),  lecithin, extracts of caviar, licorice, massoy, mistletoe, soapwort and pearls, alpha-arbutin, kojic acid, maganesium ascorbyl phosphate, elastin, Dead Sea minerals, locust bean gum, vitamins C and E.

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