Saponaria officinalis (Soapwort)

Soapwort – a grassy perennial plant with sweet-scented violet flowers. The plant is characterized by high content of saponins soapy substances. Since the Renaissance the crushed leaves and roots of this plant have been used as soap. And up to now the restorers in artistic museums often prefer to wash off precious canvas and delicate fabric using soapwort since, possessing high cleansing properties, it acts exceptionally gently. In cosmetic products soapwort is used as a natural foaming and cleansing agent, reducing significantly concentration of synthetic foaming ingredients without lowering the quality of foam. As a result, hygienic products, containing soapwort, are distinguished by exceptional softness and form tender mild foam. Soapwort is also included in natural peelings and scrubs for more effective peeling of dead cells.

The following Magiray cosmetic products contain soapwort:

  •   Rich Shower Gel
  •   Slender Body Fruit Peeling
  •   Pearl Cleansing Milk

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