Ingredients – novelties

Glycoin (INCI: Glycoin (and) water) – substance, detected in cyanobacilli, resistant to extremely salt water. Experiments have shown that glycoin raises resistance of skin cells to various stress factors, slows down the process of keratinization, speeding up renewal of epidermal cells. This results in decreasing the thickness of horny layer and increasing of thickness and density of epidermis. As a result the skin looks fresh, elastic and young.
(Jan Dekker International, Holland)

Lecithin and Lysophosphatic Acd (INCI: lecithin (and) lysophosphatic acid (and) lysolecithin) – soya lecithin, subjected to the exposure of definite enzymes. Lecithin contains 20 – 30% of lysophosphatic acid, which is able to activate calcium channels and increase calcium flux in skin cells. Increasing of calcium level in keratinocytes results in lessening water loss through horny layer, improving cells adhesion in horny layer and contracting skin pores.
(Centerchem Inc., USA)

Peeling “Vegetable ivory” (INCI: Phytelepas Aequatorials seed powder) – powder from Phytelepas Aequatorials palm nuts, growing in rain forests of Amazon basin. The nuts contain a unique hard material which is often used as a substitute for ivory. The powder is insoluble in water and gives delicate peeling effect. Nuts are obtained by ecologically clean methods and give economical support to aborigines of rain forests.
(Lipo Chemicals Inc., USA)

Butylene glycol tripeptide (INCI: Butylene glycol (and) water (and) Acetyl dipeptide- 3 aminohexanoate) – stimulates formation of antibacterial peptides beta-defensines in skin. Beta-defensines – small peptides, representing the first line of antibacterial defence in skin. Stimulation of beta-defensines production is useful in problem skin, prone to acne and also in all other cases where additional antibacterial defense is required.
(Centerchem Inc., USA)


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