Cosmetics and immunity

Summer is associated with the sun and health. Autumn, on the contrary, for many people is associated with the season of rains and diseases. So it is time to think about how reliably we are protected against countless numbers of invisible viruses and bacteria, soaring in air or accumulating on doorhandles, banisters, handcarts and telephone receivers.

There are two main ways of penetrating microorganisms into our body. First of all these are mucous membranes of nasal and oral cavities and then - damaged skin areas. In some cases even an intact skin becomes involuntary accomplice of microorganisms as many bacteria and viruses at first are settled on hand skin and then get into oral cavity.
Fortunately, nature has provided for the possibility of microorganisms attack and have placedon their way highly effective barriers. In particular, the skin is a well armed bulwark, able to prevent penetration of microorganisms into the body and actively struggle with them.
First of all, an emulsion, containing secrets of sebaceous and sweat glands, is formed on the skin surface. It has acid reaction, unacceptable for the majority of pathogens (pH 4.7-5.5). This acidic reaction is created, mainly, by lactic acid. Besides, there are bactericidal substances of various nature, located on skin surface and its horny layer. And, at last, there are microorganisms on the skin surface which not only adopt itself to live in acid medium, but do their bit in its creation, secreting organic acids.
The following barrier on the way of microorganisms is horny layer. It is a layer of keratinized scales with lipid stratum between them. This barrier is, practically, impermeable for water and microorganisms. When epidermal barrier is disturbed (damage of horny layer as a whole or destruction of lipid stratum) microorganisms are getting in deep layers of epidermis. The easier water penetrates through horny layer the more favourable conditions for microorganisms reproduction. There are two protective immune systems against microorganisms - specific and nonspecific. Specific immune system works on the principle as memorizing and recognizing. That is when a pathogen penetrates into the skin for the first time, immune cells memorize it and organize themselves to fight against it. In case the same pathogen penetrates into the skin for the second time, immune cells immediately recognize the disturber and do it away quickly and effectively.

Nonspecific immune system stirs to activity already at the first penetration of a pathogen into the skin. For this purpose there are so called "watch" cells which are the first to react to the presence of a "stranger". These cells give the alarm and the cells, able to destroy and swallow up pathogens, immediately push on to render help. Besides, there are processes in skin that immediately start up, leading to division of young cells of epidermis, restoring of horny layer protective barrier and synthesis of new antimicrobial components.
Owing to the multilayer protective system the skin is so perfect barrier that pathogens on its surface do not do harm to the body. And what is more, they are not able even to be there for a long time as in most cases they perish because of high acidity or because of influence of natural antimicrobial substances or in the process of competition with own skin bacteria. But in case the skin barrier system is disturbed, microorganisms penetrate through horny layer. At this stage it is quite possible development of inflammation and allergic reactions with subsequent skin damage. And in such a case immune cells get the hang of things.

So, the better protective systems, preventing penetration of microorganisms into skin or destroying them before they have time to activate specific immunity, the lesser risk that microorganisms will cause undesirable reactions.
Is there any possibility in any way to help the skin in this struggle?
Really, there is a number of cosmetic ingredients which are able to strengthen the skin protective properties. First of all, there are ingredients, strengthening antimicrobial properties of skin acidic mantle. Among them are lactic acid and bactericidal and antiviral plant substances.

There are also cosmetic products, containing probiotics
frozen-dried lactobacillae. Besides, there are plants, possessing ability to stimulate nonspecific skin immunity. As a rule these plants contain polysaccharides, activating Langerhans cells, having patrol functions in case of a disturber appearance. Cellular processes of Langerhans cells are coming very close to the skin surface and this means that it is possible to influence upon them by various cosmetic products.

The following ingredients belong to immunostimulators:

Echinacea contains galactoarabeenan immunostimulating polysaccharide and also phenol compounds, acting as an antiinflammatory agents. The following Magiray products contain echinacea: Active Alpha Serum, Active Alpha Cream, Fast Action local care - Day+Night.


Aloe Gel – contains acemanane immunostimulating polysaccharide. The following Magiray products contain aloe gel: Active Alpha Gel Lotion, Tender Gel Mask, Balance+, Aloe Plus SPF-19, Sambucus Mask, FA Clay Mask, Protection Plus SPF-30, AstriFin Mask, SeboFin Mask, PuriFin Mask, 30min. Massage Cream, Malvani Gel, Green Coffee Body Scrub, FreshPlus Emulsion, Hexa- Cream, CLC-Wrinkle Away Face Cream, Balance Light, Universal Nourishing Cream, Ultrasoftening Foot Balm.


Pineapple contains bromelain an immunostimulating enzyme. The following Magiray product contains pineapple extract: Natural Peeling.


Buttermilk contains immunostimulating peptides and growth factor.


Yeast extract contains beta-glucan an immunostimulating polysaccharide.


Algae contains fucoidanes immunostimulating and antiinflammatory polysaccharides. The following Magiray products contain algae: Pear mask, Facial Toner for Normal to Dry Skin, Facial Toner for Oily Skin, Hexa-cream, Triple Clarifying Complex (TCC), CLC Wrinkle Away Face Cream Plantain Lifting Gel, Essential Hand Care, Algactive Powder Mask, Seaweed Instant Powder, Green Coffee Body Scrub.


Indispensable Fatty Acids – material for prostaglandine synthesis hormone like regulators of immune system. The following Magiray products contain indispensable fatty acids: Replenishing Cream, Triple Clarifying Complex - TCC, CLC Skin Renovation Moisturizer, CLC Wrinkle Away Cream, CLC Eye contour serum & mask, Hexa-Cream.

Cosmetic products, containing natural bactericidal and immunostimulating substances, considerably increase the skin protective ability, lessen the risk of microorganisms penetration and prevent development of inflammatory processes. Stimulators of nonspecific immunity are also useful in cases of skin damage as they fasten regenerative processes without any inflammatory reaction. Natural immunomodulators possess also the ability to stimulate the processes of skin renovation and collagen synthesis, raising the skin elasticity and removing facial lines.


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