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6-O Glucose-Linoleate – a new ingredient, stimulating hair growth, was recently discovered. It is a combination of a lipid (linoleic acid) and sugar (glucose). The authors consider that such an active structure as hair follicle has a high need in energy and in case of its shortage slowing down of hair growth can be observed. Glucose is a good source of energy and lipids stimulate penetration of glucose into hair follicles cells. Besides, linoleic acid in itself is an important component for hair growth. It is a part of lipid barrier of outer hair envelope.

The tests on isolates have shown that the cells readily absorb and metabolize the new ingredient. And what is more, addition of 6-0 linoleate in the cell culture successfully makes up the deficiency of both glucose and linoleic acid and this fact confirms dual activity of this substance. The ingredient is a supplier of a very important lipid component and a source of energy at the same time. Now it is necessary to conduct clinical tests to confirm the ability of this  new ingredient to stimulate hair growth. 

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