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Benzophenone-3 (oxybenzone) – is a commonly used UV-filter, providing a wide spectrum of protection (UVA + UVB radiation). This component is a part of many sun protective products, day creams, color cosmetics. It is also used for protection of plastic materials and cloth impregnation. This wide spectrum of usage induced the scientists to analyze a possibility to penetrate a definite quantity of this far from innocuous component in the body through the skin.

Recent investigations have verified these fears. Oxybenzone was found out in 96% of urine samples, taken from 2000 Americans of different ages, sex and race.

Despite of the fact that the mean content of oxybenzone in urine was small and was equal to about 20 micrograms per 1 liter, in some people it amounted to 1gram per 1 liter. Oxybenzone content in women, especially young, was three times higher as compared with men. This is most likely explained by the fact, that women use more cosmetic products and choose sun protective products with high SPF (more than 50) with high concentration of UV-filters. Also women more thoroughly respect recommendations to renew the layer of a sunblock every 2 hours. Besides, the blood of white Americans contains oxybenzone almost five times more as compared with African Americans and four times more as compared with Latin Americans. This fact also shows a connection between active use of sunblocks and accumulation of UV-filters in the body.

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