How to get ready for beach season

Hot rays of summer beams put some thoughts about tropical beaches and emphatically remind that in order to be ready for beach season it is necessary to prepare not only summer clothes, but also body.  And now, facing a mirror in a beautiful swimsuit, many of us are horrified by deposited excess fat on belly, cellulite on hips, insufficiently elastic breast skin, areas of dry, scaled off skin on elbows and knees an so on. It is obvious that in order to meet the beach season in a good form one must take care of his appearance and do it quickly enough.

Those, who have time and money may take a course of keeping his figure in a beauty salon or SPA.  Usually these procedures include usage of biologically active substances which speed up splitting fats in fatty cells, strengthen vessels, stimulate blood circulation and increase the skin elasticity. The procedures include also massage (manual or apparate) which stimulates blood circulation and splits fats. There are also other methods for softening fibrous tissue and excretion of excess fluid from the body.
Here are the following kinds of procedures:

1. Thalassotherapy – treating and prophylactic procedures (bath, wrapping, peelings and so on) on the basis of sea mud, plankton, algae and sea salts

2. Wrapping – an active cosmetic product and/or mud and algae are applied to problem skin areas. Then these areas are wrapped in polyethylene film or elastic bandage and are covered with a blanket. As a result the skin is warmed up and effect is increased.

3. Massage with anticellulite preparations. Usually these preparations include algae, plant extracts, containing alkaloids (caffeine, theophylline) or pure caffeine and also a substance, stimulating metabolism and fat splitting (carnitine)

4. Lymphodrainage (manual or apparate) , stimulating fluid outflow from problem areas

5. Mesotherapy – microinjections of biologically active substances into skin

6. Endermology – roller apparate massage over a special suit which effectively softens fibrous tissues and stimulates fat splitting
But even if you have no time for all these procedures – don’t loose hope. In many cases simple procedures at home allow to give the body well-groomed and attractive appearance on condition that these procedures are regular, preparations are selected correctly and the diet is well balanced. It is significant to remember that in the struggle with overweight and cellulitis the dominant position occupies physical activity but not expensive procedures.

Let’s start with a diet as there are no cosmetic products whatever that are able to fill up the shortage of important substances in the body in case improper diet. First of all in order to improve the skin appearance one should avoid any diets, based on restrictions as these diets only aggravate disbalance of nutrients and very often end in compensatory overeating. Instead one shoul not restrict but, on the contrary, add necessary components to the diet. As the diet is enriched with wholesome products unhealthy products will be gradually replaced and their consumption will go down in itself. So, vegetables and fruits must be present on your table without fail – three or five times daily. Never mind, be it salad, vegetable soup or only apple. The main thing is that these products must be always present in our diet, several times a day.

The next obligatory components in our diet are the products from whole grain. It can be wholemeal bread, brown rice or porridges from millet, oat and so on. And finally, a source of fatty acids – vegetable oil, fish, nuts, flax or hemp seeds. As a rule, people, living in civilized countries, do not suffer from proteins shortage. More likely, excess of animal proteins, typical for the diet of people, living in prosperous countries, results in accumulation of  toxic metabolic by-products in the body.  Besides, it must be kept in mind that the legislation of many meat exporting countries (for example, USA, Canada, Argentina) allows usage of hormone-containing products, stimulating weight gaining in animals. The same substances may also lead to weight gaining in people, eating these products. Therefore it is strongly recommended to those who get used to eat much meat to include more often fish (except grown in ponds) in their diet, forcing out meat.

Physical activity must not be exhausting, it must be regular. Daily walking is more useful as compared with training once a week. One-time intensive loading forces the body to consume more nutrients which are deposited on belly and hips. And on the contrary, regular and not exhausting load stimulates depletion of fat deposites. Besides, such a moderate load stimulates blood circulation without risk of vessel dilatation on face and legs.

The third constituent of success is correctly selected cosmetic products. Even a single very good moisturizing body cream, regularly used after every bath or shower, is able to considerably improve the skin elasticity and make less visible the signs of cellulitis and aging.  The reason is the following: in well-moisturized skin the exchange of signal molecules, responsible for “cellular dialogue”, goes more effectively, stimulating the processes of skin renewal and regeneration. Besides, well-moisturized skin looks more elastic in itself.  The effect of such a product will be still more visible in case this product contains active ingredients, stimulating collagen synthesis, speeding up lipolysis and normalizing blood circulation.
Peeling and scrubs are used for speeding up skin renewal. As their applying is accompanied by a massage, they also stimulate blood circulation and provide accelerated lipolysis. Scrubs, containing in addition to sequestrants biologically active substances, counteracting aging and cellulitis, are particularly useful.

The following coupled “Magiray” body care products are used in effective and simple home program for figure correction:

• Green Coffee Body Scrub + Cocoshake Airy Cream from His/Hers series

• Slender Body Active Emulsion + Slender Body Fruit Peeling from the “Secrets of the Dead Sea” series

All these products are notable for modern composition, contain a lot of herbs and fruit extracts, handy and pleasant in use. They are free of parabens, sulphates and other harmful additives (detailed description see below).

The scrub or peeling are applied to the cleansed skin by massage movements. Rich Shower Gel with 14 herbs extracts is ideal for cleansing. Special emphasis must be placed to problem skin areas. The product is left for 2 -3 min., then rinsed with warm water and dried off with a towel. After that a moisturizing cream or emulsion is applied.
Optimal result is reached after no less than 2 – 3 weeks of usage the products as the skin needs a definite period of time to renew its structure. But even after first several applications the skin looks fresh, softer and more elastic. In case the products are going with healthy diet and regular physical exercises one can reach diminishing of fatty layer and lifting of belly and hips skin. And, what is the most important, proper care results in healthy shining skin and the whole body looks more youthful and attractive and you can array yourself in your favourite swimsuit or summer low-cut dress and go to the beach or walk in a cheerful mood and with feeling of self-reliance.

Green Coffee Body Scrub.  Contains cocoa powder and glycolic acid, providing mechanical and acidic peeling of dead skin cells. Complex of algae and coffee extract speeds up fat splitting, stimulates the skin renewal and improves its elasticity. Aloe juice, wheat proteins and seabuckthorn extract calm the skin, make it smooth and fresh and phospholipids of borage oil provide effective moisturizing and restoration of skin humectancy.

Cocoshake Airy Cream. Contains natural emollients and nutrients – cocoa oil, seabuckthorn, phytosqualane and coconut milk. The cream is easily applied to skin and quickly absorbed. Effectively moisturizes and softens the skin, making it smooth and fresh.

Slender Body Fruit Peeling. Contains glycolic and lactic acids, removing dead cells from the skin surface. Medicinal herbs, such as nettle, thyme, rosemary, sage, chamomile, burdock, hamamelis, seabuckthorn and pomegranate act as calming, stimulating and antuhydropic agents. Coffee extract stimulates cell metabolism and fat splitting and Dead Sea salts provide the skin with important minerals. The peeling effectively renews the skin, decreases the body fatty layer and signs of cellulite.

Slender Body Active Emulsion. Contains caffeine, kiwi and papaya extracts, speeding up fat splitting. Murumuru and shea butters provide prolonged skin moisturizing and nourishing. Horse chestnut strengthens the skin vessels walls, optimizes circulation and Dead Sea salts provide the skin with minerals. The emulsion has a good sliding and it is easily applied by massage movements. It is completely absorbed leaving the skin smooth, tender and elastic. Delicate fruit odor creates cheerful mood and leaves the feeling of freshness all day long.

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