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There was developed a new noninvasive method, allowing to determine the state of lipids in horny layer. The method is based on measuring fluorescence of horny layer cells, coloured by a special dye. For getting samples a sticky tape is applied to the skin and then is taken off together with a sticked thin film, containing the cells of horny layer. The procedure is absolutely painless. Then the cells are coloured and the activity of fluorescence is measured.  The method allows to evaluate common structure of lipids in epidernal barrier.

Using this method the proposers have shown that lipid synthesis in horny layer is gradually reduced. They also have shown that polysaccharides that some plants contain, can speed up restoration of epidermal barrier. This method allows to determine if the skin dryness is caused by disturbance in epidermal barrier and also to evaluate the efficacy of various cosmetic products used for restoration of skin barrier functions.

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