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designed for for HIM & for HER

Israeli manufacturer MAGIRAY® Cosmetics has specially developed and designed the unique line of unisex hygiene products for everyday skin and hair care. HISHERS series fully corresponds to the latest trend of modern beauty industry known as «Cosmeceuticals».

Based on innovative scientific approach to universal cosmetic formulations regardless of age, gender or skin type, products are beneficial for the whole family, for both adults and children. All-purpose delicate aroma products are very efficient and easy to use.

Skin and hair care routine and personal hygiene include the following stages:
  1. Delicate skin cleansing without over drying and extra degreasing effect.

  2. Skin moisturizing is a foundation of general skin care. Well hydrated skin has fresh and youthful look and good elastic properties, it is better protected against irritation and harmful environmental impact that prevents premature skin aging.

  3. Skin soothing and calming results in reducing irritation, itching, flaking and reddening caused by bad weather conditions, aggressive cosmetic procedures like shaving and depilation and many other factors: rough towels, used baby diapers, etc.

  4. Skin protection from environmental hazards such as UV radiation, air pollution, aridity or extra humidity, etc. Proper skin protection results in evident anti-aging effect for getting healthier and younger-looking skin.



Soothing and calming moisturizer for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
Fat & Oil free

Light-textured cream perfectly moisturizes and calms the skin, restores its natural balance and counteracts the harmful environmental factors such as air pollution, UV radiation and bad weather conditions. Ideal aftershave moisturizer.


Directions: apply to cleansed skin morning and/or evening, on irritated and/or dehydrated skin areas - in thick layer twice a day.      


Active components: Aloe gel; Green tea, Job’s tears and Witch hazel extracts; Allantoin, vitamins and UV filters.




Regenerating cream for face, neck & eye contour.
Paraben & Mineral oil free

Soft tender cream based on the oil and extract of acai berries grown in Amazon Rainforest is ideal for all skin types.  Due to exceptionally rich composition of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and valuable fatty acids Omega 3/6/9, acai berries provide unique protective and regenerative properties. Easily absorbed cream perfectly hydrates and nourishes the skin, improves its tonus and elasticity and gives it healthy-looking texture and a subtle glow. For both men and women.

Directions: apply to cleansed skin morning and/or evening.

Active components: Acai extract & oil, Aloe juice, Olive oil, Chamomile extract, Bisabolol, Salicylic acid, Squalane, vitamin E.




Multifunctional herbal gel-serum for all skin types
Alcohol and oil free

Concentrated natural preparation with moisturizing and smoothing action essentially improves skin elasticity, calms irritation and removes small facial wrinkles providing lifting and refreshing effect. Perfect as after-shave and after-depilation finishing gel.

Directions: apply to cleansed skin and top it with the next-following cosmetic preparations. Can be used as moisturizing mask.

Active components: Plantain, Dead Sea salt, vitamin E, Aloe, Green Tea extract.        


Cleansing foam for all skin types, including delicate & problem skin.
SLS & Paraben free

Gentle but effective airy foaming cleanser is a daily must-have for its dual smoothing and calming action as well as long lasting fresh feeling it leaves. Due to its mild nature the foam is perfect for scratched irritated and sensitive baby skin.
Directions: apply to moistened skin with massage movements and rinse with warm water. Then wipe with a napkin and apply a fit toner: for problem oily skin – Fast Action Refining Toner, for normal and combination skin – Perl Moistening Toner.

Active components: Seabuckthorn and Mallow extracts, Panthenol (vit.B5).



Sun protective waterproof emulsion for all skin types
Alcohol and oil free

Easy-to-apply delicate sunscreen emulsion effectively protects the skin from harmful impact of UVA & UVB radiation leaving no white marks on clothing. The sunscreen does not irritate the skin and prevents its dehydration. Ideal for the whole family summer outdoor activities.

Directions: apply to the open skin areas 30 min before going out and reapply every 2-3 hours especially after bathing.

Active components: Dead Sea salt, vitamin E, Aloe, Green Tea extract.      


Tender gel mask for all skin types, including sensitive skin

Preservative & Fragrance free

A Must Have remedy for irritated and thin skin treatment consists of 99% natural components: aloe juice, honeysuckle extract, geranium essential oil and allantoin. Provides calming, moisturizing and gentle exfoliating action, reduces skin redness. Clinically tested preparation.

Directions:  apply a solid layer to cleansed skin and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with water. Can be used when needed with no limitation.

Active components: Aloe juice, Honeysuckle extract, Allantoin, Geranium essential oil.


Multifunctional balsam-shampoo with conditioner
SLS/SLES & Paraben free

Unique extremely mild formula enriched with fruit and berry natural extracts contains active anti-dandruff components and patented complex BeraCare for reducing skin itch, redness and irritation. Thoroughly cleanse the hair, strengthens its roots and improves elasticity leaving hair luxuriant, healthy-looking and easy to comb.  

Directions:  apply to wet hair, massage within 2-3 min., and rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary. 

Active components: Copaiba balsam resin, Brazil nut and Sea Buckthorn oils; Dead Sea water; Black currant, Raspberry and Quince extracts; vitamins E and C, corn starch.



Concentrated herbal elixir-shampoo for all hair types
SLS & Paraben free

Elixir-shampoo contains especially mild wash detergents and 40% concentration of healing herbal extracts. Both men and women will be pleased with light natural green tea aroma. When used systematically elixir shampoo strengthens hair roots, moistens and nourishes scalp, restores hair elasticity and healthy shine.
Directions: apply to the wet hair massaging it within 1-2 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat if necessary. Recommended to use in combination with BALSAMplus according to directions.

Active components: Burdock, Nettle, Seabuckthorn, Pomegranate, Sage, Chamomile, Thyme, Witch Hazel, Rosemary, and Orange extracts; Dead Sea salt.  



Balm-conditioner for hair and scalp care                                                       
Paraben & Mineral oil free

Nourishing balsam for all hair and skin types enriched with natural healing components provides evident restorative effect and essentially improves any scalp conditions, giving the hair softness, elasticity and healthy shine.

Directions: For oily hair: apply balsam with massage movements, leave on for some minutes and rinse with water using ELIXIRSHAMPOO. For normal hair:  Mix up a few balm with shampoo and apply with massage movement, rinse up thoroughly. For dry and brittle hair: apply balsam after shampooing the hair, leave on for some minutes and rinse with warm water. To use as a mask: apply balsam by massage movements to cleansed and wet scalp, put bathing cap, cover with a towel and leave on for 15min. thoroughly rinse with warm water.

Active components: Burdock and Green tea extracts; Goat Milk, Honey; Ginger, Olive and Almond oils; Silk proteins, vitamins B5, E, A and C.




Hygiene foaming cleanser for delicate skin                                               
SLS, Paraben & Fragrance free 

Tender airy cleanser for sensitive intimate areas improves pH balance without destroying skin defense mechanism. Calms down irritation and neutralizes undesired odor, ensuring long-lasting feeling of freshness and comfort. Handy pressure-tight dispensing bottle protects the content against water and microbial ingress.

apply the foam to wet skin. Rinse with warm water.

Active components: Seabuckthorn, Mallow and Grapefruit extracts, Panthenol (vit.B5).




Lifting scrub-peeling for all body areas
Paraben free

Stimulating cream-scrub for body skin cleansing and smoothing easily and thoroughly removes dead skin cells thus intensifying skin renewal process.  Improves skin tone and complexion, prevents premature skin aging, enhancing its antioxidant defense. Special scrub formulation and texture result in skin soft, silky and smooth appearance.

Directions: apply to the skin with circular massage movements, leave for 2-3 min. and rinse with water. Then wipe with a towel and apply COCO SHAKE cream.

Active components:
Seaweed complex, Aloe Juice, Glycolic Acid, Wheat proteins; Coffee, Seabuckthorn, Witch Hazel and Knotgrass extracts, Cocoa powder, Borage Oil phospholipids.




Universal cream-milk for all skin types, for both men and women of any age
Paraben & Mineral oil free

Tender light-textured creamy mousse is an easy-to-apply and well-absorbed body care product that leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness and comfort. Enriched with natural compounds and NMF components preparation restores skin after exposure of hot water and soap, maintaining its elasticity and smoothness.

Directions: apply to the skin with gentle massage movements after bathing or showering.

Active components: Ein Gedi water, Olive oil, Cocoa butter, Soybean oil, NMF components, Dead Sea minerals, vitamin E.




Deodorizing cream-stick antiperspirant for all body areas 
Paraben & Mineral oil free

Dual action deodorant for both reducing excessive sweating and neutralizing the growth of odor-producing bacteria without clogging pores and causing skin irritation. Neutral fresh aroma is optimal for both men and women. Leaves no white marks on skin and clothing.

Directions: apply a small amount of cream in thin layer to body areas prone to sweating.

Active components: Tapioca starch, Farnesol, Rose tree oil.


FRESHPLUS roll-on  

Roll-on deodorant antiperspirant for all body areas                          
Alcohol & Oil free

Easy-to-apply and well-absorbed tender refreshing emulsion perfectly controls profuse sweating and prevents unpleasant smell. Provides long-lasting effect. Ideal for people with an active lifestyle. Leaves no white marks on skin and clothing. Clinically tested hypoallergenic preparation fits all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Directions: apply to cleansed skin.

Active components: Aloe juice, Dead Sea minerals.




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