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Exfoliating peels are first line treatments to improve the appearance of all skin types. Peelings and scrubs make the skin ready for the intake of next following active products by opening clogged pores, removing excessive sebum and toxins and providing even penetration of active components into the skin layers. This series is fully complemented and varied by Diamond Peeling and cosmetic purees («Peel», «Treat», «A» and «C»), the effect of which can be
enhanced by means of device-based cosmetology.
Exfoliation and peeling

For fading skin: reducing wrinkle depth, excessive keratinization and uneven pigmentation for improving skin elasticity and suppleness.

For dry skin: restoring moisture balance, removing flaking skin and uneven texture.

For oily skin: deep skin cleansing, removing blemishes (e.g. post acne marks) and preventing new comedone formation.



Clarity Peel AHA foam

Description: extremely soft and handy in use foam provides quick and effective skin cleansing without over drying it thus stimulating the renewal process. Suits all skin types. Contains AHA-10% acids and medicinal plant extracts. Free of SLS, SleS and parabens. Soothes and refreshes the skin, maintains its water and acid balance leaving the skin fresh, supple, elastic and well-prepared to uptake of next following products.

apply by gentle massage movements within 1-2 min. Rinse thoroughly.

Active components: glycolic, phytic and lactic acids, extracts of rosemary, mint and white willow bark.



Active Alpha Serum

Description: active serum with renovating complex (AHA-10%) easily penetrates the skin and provides delicate exfoliation of dead cells, speeds up the renewal process, moisturizes and tones up the skin, improves its texture and refreshes complexion.

used both for oily problem and fading skin by way of gentle exfoliator with moisturizing effect as well as while preparing the skin to plastic surgery, dermabrasion and deep peelings, in particular GlycoCare and Herba Wine. Possesses conductive properties for enhancing activity of other products.

Active components: glycolic acid; extracts of chamomile, cucumber, echinacea; lavender oil, aloe jelly, hyaluronic acid.


GLYCOCARE renewing complex

Description: the complex consists of 2 products – Glyco-Cream (AHA-16%; BHA-2%) and peel-off Glyco-Mask (AHA-9%). Optimal concentration of renewal complex ensures intensive penetration of active ingredients into the skin layers while their synergistic ability provides gentle, but effective stimulation of skin regeneration.

the products are applied one after another thus creating more intense factual acid concentration without increasing skin irritation that makes the procedure suitable for any skin type, including sensitive and stress related skin after plastic surgery, dermatological treatment, excessive sun baking, postpartum disorder or lingering illness. Each successive GlycoCare procedure increases accumulative peeling effect and enables a cosmetologist to get predictable treatment results.

Active components: glycolic, salicylic, kojic and lactic acids; vit.C, zinc oxide, kaolin, coenzyme Q10, ginkgo biloba, rosemary and orange extracts, milk and wheat proteins, collagen.


RETICARE natural peeling

Description: the efficient combination of two-phase peeling complex includes vegetable oil-based salt scrub with retinol in microcapsules and water-based gel with herbal extracts and fruit enzymes in liposomes. Such a pattern helps to preserve the maximum activity of natural ingredients contained in two separate formulations with minimum use of emulsifiers and preservatives. Peeling gently heats up the skin and effectively removes dead skin cells in that way stimulating skin renewal, uncovering vibrant and smooth complexion and giving it bright, welltoned and youthful look.

apply scrub to skin with gentle massage movements and leave on for 1-2 min. Add RetiCare gel and continue massaging until all salt crystals are dissolved (2-3 min). Rinse thoroughly.

Active components: Dead Sea salts, microencapsulated retinol, papain, salicylic acid, extracts of pumpkin, ginger, acai berries and white willow; olive, calendula and chamomile oils, papaya extract in liposomes, phospholipids, retinyl palmitate (vit.A), alpha-tocopherol (vit.E), panthenol (vit.B5), shikonin.


MICROPEEL enzyme complex

Description: an advanced cleansing, exfoliating and smoothing stepwise system for effective skin care. The first step – creamy scrub-mask with polishing microparticles softens the skin and pore secretions while cleansing and removing dead cells from the skin surface. The second step – concentrated enzyme powder with dried herbal extracts, being activated straight on the skin surface while mixing with scrub-mask, stimulates metabolism and skin regeneration. MicroPeel smoothes skin texture, brightens up dull complexion, wakes up tired and stressed skin imparting glowing, fresh and healthy look.

Directions: Apply a thick layer of paste to the skin by massage movements (1-2min., can be covered by plastic film). Add active powder and continue massaging for another 1min. Rinse thoroughly. The powder also increases activity of TCC and GlycoCare creams.

Active components: Micropeel cream – BHA & AHA acids, polishing microparticles, extracts of plantain, chamomile, calendula, dandelion and yarrow; allantoin, vit. E and B5, Dead Sea minerals;
Micropeel powder – papain, bromeline, protease, diamond powder, powder extracts of aloe, green tea, lemon and ginger; aromatic grapefruit oil, Dead Sea salts.


THERMOCARE warm-up peeling

Description: two-step warming up, stimulating and renewing peeling for oily porous, dehydrated, slack and lifeless skin. The first step – base paste containing oils, salicylic acid and vitamin-mineral complex with polishing micro-particles. The second step – serum activator based on hydroxy acid complex (35%) and herbal extracts. The interaction of these two preparations starts up a thermal reaction that heats up the skin in that way facilitating exfoliation and skin metabolism, opening up pores, smoothing up and renewing the skin. As a result, well-hydrated and elastic skin looks smooth and fresh.

evenly apply Base Paste with a spatula. Then add a few drops of Serum-activator. Massage for 2-5 min, paying special attention to problem zones and adding more activator if needed. Before mechanical cleansing use a plastic film cover. Wash thoroughly. The activator can be used singly or with Alpha serum, TCC and Glycocare for enhancing their activity.

Active components: Thermo-paste – borage and seabuckthorn oils, white clay, zeolite, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, vit. A, E, B5, Dead Sea minerals; Activator – glycolic, phytic, mandelic, lactic and citric acids; extracts of plantain, rosemary and dandelion; basil, ylang-ylang and orange oils.


Herba Wine peeling-activator

Description: intensive adjuvant remodeling peeling based on alpha-, beta- and polyhydroxy acids (AHA-20%), natural vinegars and skin renewal stimulators. The formulation efficiency results both from the broad spectrum of highly concentrated acids and synergistic action of herbal extracts that is very essential for epidermal renewal: destruction of damaged collagen and elastin fibers and synthesis of new ones. Due to their antioxidant and regenerative properties herbal extracts prevent traumatic peeling effects. Successive use of Glyco-Care and Herba Wine considerably increases the effectiveness of geriatric skin care and correction of oily skin disorders.

the product is permitted for use only after professional training.

Active components: AHA, PHA and BHA acids, fruit vinegars (apple, apricot, peach), extracts of grape seeds, absinthium, nettle, ginger, dandelion, pomegranate; hyaluronic acid.



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