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Excessive skin oiliness usually accompanies acne but even without problems, connected with acne, oily skin itself is a cosmetic defect and many people struggle with it for years.

The most effective remedies for diminishing skin oiliness are retinoids, for example, tretinoin and its analogs. But very often they cause irritation and skin desquamation. Therefore many people refuse to use them. One more widespread way to fight excessive skin oiliness – wiping the skin with alcohol toners which dissolve and remove skin fat. Besides, many people, suffering from oily skin, like to use strong cleansers.

Unfortunately, all these means for fighting excessive skin fat lead to destroying protective skin barrier, consisting of much more delicate lipids as compared with skin fat. In case of disturbed epidermal barrier irritating and comedogenic agents penetrate the skin easier and eventually it may lead to more oily skin, appearance of comedones and even skin diseases.

Sometimes one can see opposite reactions. The people who are aware of the necessity of delicate skin cleansing, use products, saturated with emollients and refatting additives, which badly remove excessive skin fat and leave a film on the skin surface. Some substances from this film may be comedogenous and residual skin fat may decay, forming peroxides, irritating the skin.

One of the most delicate and safe methods to control skin oiliness are clay and mud masks. Clay is a good absorbent of skin fat and its peroxide, it removes the skin dead cells, cosmetic residues and dirt. Moreover clay calms irritated skin without overdrying it. Besides, due to its structure clay is ideal conductors of active substances into skin. Just because of this fact it is better to use not simply clays and mud, but special masks, containing also active substances, removing inflammation, contracting pores and possessing bactericidal effect. Two “Magiray”cleansing masks – ASTRIFIN and FAST ACTION MASK (Sambucus Mask) fully meet the requirements of oily skin.

ASTRIFIN MASK contains two types of clay – kaolin and bentonite. Kaolin - white clay is known for its cleansing, absorbing and calming effect. It absorbs excessive skin fat and toxins, softens comedones and calms irritated skin. Bentonite – green volcanic clay. It can absorb plenty of water, expanding in volume. Bentonite not only cleanses, but hydrates the skin, therefore the mask removes excessive skin fat without overdrying the skin. It also delivers active agents to the skin. Both clays are edible, they are not toxic and can be used internally.

In addition to clays the mask contains fresh aloe leaf juice, extracts of green tea, hamamelis and knotweed, zinc oxide and Dead Sea mud. Aloe and knotweed possess healing and immunostimulating properties and green tea calms the skin, takes away inflammation and protects the skin from free radicals. Hamamelis acts as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and astringent agent.

FAST ACTION CLAY MASK – calming and healing mask, belonging to Fast Action Line, developed especially for oily and problem skin. The mask contains white clay, extracts of hamamelis, knotweed, green tea, myrrh and elder. It also contains thyme and sage essential oils. Elder possesses pronounced antiseptic properties and together with knotgrass, green tea and aloe leaf juice provides healing and calming effect.

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