SpaProducts/Diamond-premiumspa.jpgUnique express three-step SPA treatment:

1. Rejuvenating peeling
2. Lifting mask
3. Restoring cream

All the preparations contain the unique ingredient – diamond powder that possess stimulating, polishing, transmitting and heating properties, and also a large number of exclusive natural active components.

Express cosmetic techniques are becoming more and more popular among present-day busy VIP clients, therefore this facial treatment set can be especially valuable for both SPA salons’ assortment expansion  and for their "gourmets" clients’  exciting impressions. 

Consecutive application of three mutually complementary cosmetic products provides an instant refreshing and rejuvenating result of the simple but extremely effective three-step procedure.In case the energy of renovation, enclosed in stem cells, will be ever tamed, the mankind will be free of many diseases, and perhaps also from aging. But so far the medicine only shops around to stem cells, trying different versions of their use.

Cream-peeling is applied to the moist skin through gentle massage with adding some water if necessarily. For increasing the efficiency it is possible to use soft massage brushes. Cream-peeling is removed using the damp sponge with next rinsing the face with water. The result of gentle but effective exfoliation is smooth and fresh-looking skin.

Glycolic acid and diamond powder promote skin exfoliating, smoothing its texture and stimulating renewal process. Horse chestnut extract helps to activate blood circulation and to relieve oedema. Extracts of chamomile, dandelion, yarrow and calendula reduce skin redness and provide soothing and healing effects. Dead Sea minerals, Ein Gedi water and lactic acid moisturize the skin and improve metabolism. Diamond powder and ginger extract facilitate skin heating that causes the significant increase of active ingredients impact.




Mask is applied in a thick layer and is left on the skin for 15-20 minutes with next rinsing the face with water. For treatment of fading and atonic skin it is recommended to add Magiray algal powder (5/1) 3-5 minutes before starting the procedure.

Low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides deep skin moisturizing and restoring of its water-retaining properties. Tripeptide collagen promotes skin collagen reorganization that results the increased skin elasticity and essential wrinkle smoothing. Thanks to the presence of vitamins, peptides, amino acids and growth factors, caviar extract nourishes and stimulates the skin. Aloe extract, panthenol and allantoin effect skin soothing and healing. Due to high concentration of active ingredients the mask reduces wrinkle depth and makes skin look fresh and glow.




Extracts of Coffee, Ginkgo, Horse-chestnut and Gotu Kola in liposomes stimulate collagen synthesis, improve blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels, increase skin elasticity and yield face sculpting effect. The extract of humus sprouts rich in growth factors together with phytoestrogens activate skin rejuvenation process and reduce its fading. Phospholipids, identical to skin lipids, smooth out dryness and flaking symptoms. Cream rehabilitates the skin after peelings and makes it smooth and healthy. Light-reflecting minerals enhance the effect of radiant young skin.



DIAMOND Premium Spa is indispensible

for prompt rejuvenation of fading and atonic skin

as well as for getting impressive results within a very short time frame.



* All the preparations are easily assimilated and do not contain unhealthy substances.


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