FisFish DNAh DNA as an anti-wrinkle remedy

A new cosmetic ingredient has been developed, representing hydrolyzed fragments of DNA from fish caviar. In order to extract these fragments frozen caviar is defrosted and treated with evzymes, hydrolyzing DNA. After that DNA fragments are isolated and sterilized for 10-30min. at 100-109oC in light acidic solution. Then a reagent is added to the solution that force DNA fragments to precipitate. The sediment is then dried out up to powdery condition. The designers of the ingredient declare that DNA fragments from fish caviar possess rejuvenating effect, stimulating cell division and collagen synthesis.


Stem cellsStem cells of adipose tissues in cosmetology

Dermatologists have long ago found out that injections of fat in skin tissue have rejuvenating effect not only due to the effect of wrinkles filling, but also due to stimulation of regeneration processes. But this method can be used only in the limited numbers of cases as adipose tissues must be taken from the patient himself in order to avoid tissue incompatibility. At present it is an ascertained fact that adipose tissue is an invaluable source of stem cells, which are practically identical to the skin stem cells. The advantage of stem cells is that they do not possess immune specificity and are not able to cause the reaction of tissue incompatibility. Therefore they can be taken not only from the patient himself, but also from healthy volunteers (for example, during liposuction). The cells can be stored frozen or one can prepare extracts, containing soluble cell regulators, possessing stimulating effect. At present this technology is in the process of development.

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