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Skin health and beauty entirely depend on the state of skin protective systems – water holding barrier, acidic mantle, normal microflora, presence of natural antioxidant and antimicrobial components on skin surface. During facial cleansing process it is necessary to take special care of the defense system integrity. The right choice of cleansing preparations determines the cosmetic care success and allows achieving maximum sustainable result.
Cleansing and toning up



Two-step cleansing system suitable for all skin types, including extremely sensitive skin, eliminates skin flaking and irritation, soothes and moisturizes the skin leaving it soft, elastic and ideally prepared for the subsequent procedures.

Pure Cleansing Gel
Magic Jelly

Description: exceptionally thorough and at the same time delicate skin cleansing is achieved by successive use of two preparations: Pure Cleansing Gel and Hydrophilic Magic Jelly. The first one – actively hydrates the horny layer of the epidermis, promoting exfoliation of dead cells from the skin surface. The second one – easily dissolves make-up and other fat-soluble substances. The system offers an advantage of high cleansing ability while preserving the skin acidic balance and protective barrier. The products are free of surfactants, colorants and artificial flavors.

the products are used prior to any cosmetic procedure. Apply a solid layer of Pure Cleansing Gel then massage upon 2-3ml of Magic Jelly. Both preparations are mixed directly on the skin surface to form a cleansing milk-emulsion that is easily washed off with water, leaving the skin absolutely clean, fresh and velvety. For removing make-up first apply Magic Jelly, then wipe gently with tissue and cleanse.

Active components: allantoin, olive and burdock oils, argania and lavender essential oils, azulene, squalene, tocopherol.



Refinig Facial toner

Description: Gentle toner for all skin types, ideal finishing cleansing product, is specially designed to decrease skin acidity level and improve metabolism. Quickly refreshes and tones up the skin. Alcohol free formulation helps to remove the excessive skin oil without over drying it. Exfoliating fruit acids maintain skin hygiene while herbal extracts reduce redness, strengthen blood vessels and reduce enlarged pores. Balanced amino acid complex provides moisturizing and calming action.

Directions: use after completing skin cleansing. Spray directly over the irritated skin areas.

Active components:  Ein Gedi water, extracts of rosemary, pepermint, butcher’s broom, white willow, alfalfa and watercress germs; vit. B5 and PP, alpha-and-beta hydroxyl acids, NMF complex, amino acid complex, Dead Sea minerals.


Mineral Dry Toner

Description: concentrated dry toner, universal and handy in use, is very efficient in beauty salon procedures. Possesses antiseptic and healing effect. Perfectly cleanses and refreshes the skin. Its activity is regulated by water amounts while dissolving: one teaspoon per ½ glass of water for oily skin; ½ teaspoon per ½ glass of water for normal/dry skin; ½ teaspoon per one glass of water for body skin.

can be used as a toner and also as consisting of compresses, applications, masks and bathes. Due to electrolytic properties can be exploited in galvanic facial therapy. Highly active preparation is not recommended for daily use as a toner.

Active components: Dead Sea salts, sage, peppermint; thyme, lavender, basil and wild marjoram oils; azulene.



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