Why Alginate masks?

Alginate mask is a natural beauty treatment that provides a fast and impressive result, erasing fine wrinkles, tightening skin, increasing its elasticity, leaving it fresh, supple and radiant.   

The main component of the alginate mask is algin (sodium alginate) or sodium salt of alginic acid – a compound obtained from marine algae. Another necessary ingredient is calcium sulfate.  When mixed with water or water-based gel, these two powdered compounds form hydrocolloid gel, which become a depot for active ingredients, allowing their slow migration into skin.

Since alginate mask is well saturated with water, it quickly restores skin hydration, which in turn results in remarkable improvement of skin’s appearance – it becomes smooth, fresh, youthful and radiant. At the same time, this method of express moisturizing is superior to paraffin masks or mineral oils, since algin allows easy oxygen exchange and help absorb and remove toxins from the skin surface.   

Alginate masks contain seaweeds, which stimulate collagen synthesis, improve skin’s water holding capacity, and supply it with essential minerals and microelements. Since seaweeds speed up fat metabolism, they are indispensable in anti-cellulite programs and for body and face sculpturing.

Another name for alginate masks – modeling or plastifying masks. It means that soon after applying, the mask solidifies, following face contour. The mask remains plastic, so it doesn’t cause any discomfort and peels off easily in a single layer.

Alginate masks can be used for all types of skin – normal, dry, oily, combination, mature. Alginate body wraps are ideal anti-cellulite treatment. Also alginate masks can be applied to local body areas for treatment of “orange peel skin”.

Alginate masks can be further enhanced by a variety of natural additives: powdered herbal extracts, different types of clay, essential oils etc. With special additives, alginate masks can be targeted to solve various skin problems. Even though additives are important, it is worth mentioning that any type of alginate masks would effectively revitalize and moisturize skin, improve circulation, tighten loose skin, reduce pore size, lessen puffiness and calm down skin after aggressive skin treatments.

Alginate masks can be combined with any active formulation, facilitating absorption of active components into the skin, and therefore can be used in many types of beauty treatments and procedures. They work well with photorejuvenation, mesotherapy, myostimulation, ultrasound etc.  

Magiray presents a new collection of alginate masks.

 MODELING Peel-Off Mask  Cosmetologistsbuttons/MODELING-peel-off-mask.jpg

Tightens loose and sagging skin, improves skin’s resilience and elasticity, refines face contour, reduces puffiness and appearance of cellulite.  

Active ingredients: White clay – excellent absorbent, algin – restores lipid metabolism, absorbs and removes toxins and heavy metals, reduces puffiness.  Horsetail – helps to regenerate skin cells, improves metabolism and oxygenation, reduces pore size, helps to heal skin damage. Marine algae – improves cell metabolism, hydrates skin. Guarana – helps reduce fat deposits, speeds up metabolism, improves circulation, Rosemary – possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

After using the foam the skin looks soft, smooth, youthful and well-groomed.


 NUTRIENT Peel-Off Mask  Cosmetologistsbuttons/NUTRIENT-Peel-Off-Mask.jpg

Improves skin tone and elasticity. Stimulates metabolism and circulation. Leaves skin smooth, fresh and youthful.

Active ingredients: Algin (restores disturbed lipid metabolism, absorbs and removes toxins and heavy metals, helps reduce puffiness), Argan (powerful antioxidant, nourishes and supports the skin barrier functions),  Clove ( possesses anti-inflammatory and bactericidal activity), Geranium (possesses calming, wound healing, lifting and antiseptic effect, stimulates cell metabolism), Black Pepper (stimulates metabolism), Palmarosa (stimulates endocrine system and lymph outflow, regenerates skin cells).


 PURIFYING Peel-Off Mask  Cosmetologistsbuttons/PURIFYING-Peel-Off-Mask.jpg

Neutralizes toxins and free radicals, cleanses, moisturizes, tighten face and body skin, makes skin smooth, fresh and radiant.

Active ingredients: Algin (restores disturbed lipid metabolism, absorbs and removes toxins and heavy metals, reduces puffiness), Sunflower leaves (possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens capillary walls), Phytic acid (possesses mild exfoliation effect, lightens complexion, prevents excessive pigmentation, stimulates skin renewing), Ivy (stimulate circulation, speed up fat metabolism reducing fat pockets, inhibits fungal growth).


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